Telemach Croatia offers more data

After ensuring national 5G coverage, Telemach Croatia has permanently enriched mobile packages with additional gigabytes for all existing and new customers and provided a high-quality affordable 5G phone. This improved the overall user experience and made the benefits of 5G technology available to everyone. telemach croatia data packages

Regardless of the existence of a contractual obligation, start package users, who currently have 6 GB of monthly traffic, double the amount to as much as 12 GB, while those who have a Top package instead of the previous 40 GB will have 60 GB of data traffic.

Package Old New
Start 6 GB 12 GB
Top 40 GB 60 GB


This is a permanent benefit for all new and existing users, with the price of the package remaining unchanged. All existing and new subscribers can already feel this increase because it automatically began to apply on September 20.

A novelty that Telemach brings to its customers this fall is the Telemach 5G phone, which with quality and affordable price allows everyone to access 5G technology.

With the intention of making the superior experience of our fast 5G network available to as many users as possible, we have prepared a unique offer at Telemach that allows all our users, but also those who are yet to become one, to carelessly surf the super fast 5G network. Without changing prices, we have significantly enriched our mobile packages with additional gigabytes and have provided a high-quality 5G phone at a very affordable price. Thanks to this unique offer, our investments in 5G infrastructure are now making real sense as we put technology into full operation and at the disposal of our customers. This confirms our commitment to providing the best value for money and ensuring a superior customer experience”, said Adrian Ježina, CEO of Telemach Croatia and added that now customers from almost anywhere in Croatia will be able to experience a real 5G experience.

Telemach 5g phone telemach croatia data packages

Telemach 5G phone is an Android device that was created in collaboration with ZTE. The mobile has a 6.52″ IPS display and with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, its dual 50 + 2 MP digital camera with LED flash and 5 MP selfie camera allows for quality photos and videos.

Damir Vrsajković, Executive Director of Product Development, emphasized that the Telemach 5G phone responds to the user needs of working on a fast and reliable network and enables even faster and more efficient sharing of significantly larger amounts of data. In addition to 128GB of memory, the device comes with a powerful 5,000 mAh battery and a warranty of 36 months, which together with Telemach mobile packages represents a unique offer on the market. The Telemach 5G phone has an excellent ratio of accessibility and quality – it is available for subscribers for only one euro per month, combined with the Unlimited subscription package, which is gaining great popularity among users.


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