Amsterdam public transport bank card ticket payments

Amsterdam public transport adopts bank card ticket payments

The Dutch public transport operators  and Translink are together introducing a new option for travelling by public transport: purchasing a (Transport) Ticket by checking in and checking out using your Debit Card or Credit Card. We are doing this in collaboration with a number of payment services.   Amsterdam public transport bank card ticket payments

These payment services activate your Debit Card or Credit Card with a public transport travel function in the Netherlands. You pay for your journeys via the Bank Account associated with your Debit Card or via the spending limit on your Credit Card.

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If travelling by checking in and out using your Debit or Credit Card, you and GVB enter into a transport agreement to which the General Terms and Conditions of Urban and Regional Transport and the ‘OVpay Check-in/out Conditions Using your Debit Card and Credit Card’ apply. The Processing of your Personal Data is necessary in order to execute these conditions. It lets you travel and pay with your Debit or Credit Card on public transport in GVB. GVB and Translink can also provide you with services.

If you do not want GVB and Translink to have the necessary Personal Data, you will not be able to travel and pay with your Debit or Credit Card and will have to use another regular (Transport) Ticket.
The processes have been designed on the basis of Privacy by Design. This means that Translink and the Public transport operators have designed and set up the system in such a way as to protect your privacy as a passenger as much as possible.

Pseudonymisation, re-identification and use of tokens Amsterdam public transport bank card ticket payments

Immediately after you have checked in, the unique identification number (‘PAN’) of your Debit Card or Credit Card will be Pseudonymised. Each Debit or Credit Card is allocated its own unique number, a so-called token. These unique tokens are used for various purposes including travel, payment, service, inspection and overview reports.

The Generic Back Office (‘GBO’) allocates each Public transport operator its own unique identification numbers for the tokens, so that the Public transport operators have no mutual insight into the travel patterns of passengers using a Debit or Credit Card with other Public transport operators. The GBO is Translink’s central administration system where, among other things, Translink registers on behalf of the Public transport operators’ Tickets, calculates the price that a journey costs, and keeps track of the total amount for which you have travelled that day.

Pseudonymised data cannot be traced back to your Debit or Credit Card details without additional information. This Pseudonymisation is a measure to reduce the risks for travellers in relation to the Processing of their Personal Data. There is a risk, however, that by combining this with other data, an organisation may still be able to identify which Debit or Credit Card belongs to the pseudonym. This may make it possible to review the travel history of a Debit or Credit Card.

The Public transport operators and Translink have designed the processes on the basis of Privacy by Design and have come to arrangements to prevent the risk of re-identification. Amsterdam public transport bank card ticket payments

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