Tele2 Sweden launches eSIMs 🇸🇪

Tele2 Sweden said it has become one of the first Swedish operators to provide embedded SIM cards, adding that the eSIMs can already be used in the iPhone XR and XS models

eSIM (embedded sim) is a new technology that works in the same way as a physical sim card, except that it is built into the product. In other words, it replaces the mobile phone’s traditional sim card and facilitates the user who does not have to keep track of a plastic card, or can choose to combine his physical sim card with an eSIM and have two subscriptions in the same mobile phone.

 eSIM is the future of the future and last summer we were the first to launch eSIM for computers. Now that technology is available to a wider audience, the development of connected devices can accelerate, and it is a milestone for us to be one of the first operators in Sweden to offer the functionality to mobile customers. It is yet another proof that Tele2 is involved in driving the development of connected life, says Samuel Skott, head of the Swedish consumer market in the Tele2 group.

The new technology will make it easier for customers in several ways. An eSIM cannot be lost, and it facilitates changing numbers or starting a new mobile as it will not have to be sent to customers in the future. An additional advantage is that it becomes easier to connect small units that do not have room for physical sim cards, such as smart watches, thermostats and alarms. Initially, Tele2 is launching eSIM to private customers with Iphone XR and XS.

The functionality will also be launched for Tele2’s corporate customers in the first quarter.

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