Swisscom: unlimited roaming in 39 European countries

Operator reduces roaming package prices worldwide

After Swisscom introduced the inclusive inOne Mobile Go tariffs in January, from 01 April, the operator will also substantially reduce the roaming prices outside the EU and overseas. With the new inOne Mobile Go tariffs, roaming charges no longer apply in Europe, so calls, texts and surfing are now unlimited in 39 countries within Europe. swisscom unlimited roaming


Even customers who do not yet have a subscription with a European roaming data allowance will also be able to surf for much less from 1 April, when prices will again decrease substantially outside the EU and overseas.

The cost of Swisscom’s data roaming tariffs is decreasing in practically every country of the world. The largest decrease can be seen in the ‘World 1’ zone (61 countries/destinations), which includes large parts of South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as the USA, Canada and Australia. In this zone, the cost of existing packages is decreasing by as much as 38%.

In addition, Swisscom is launching a 10 GB package for all customers with inOne mobile Go and inOne mobile premium. This amounts to a 70 percent saving per gigabyte when compared to the lowest price available up to now. “We are engaged in ongoing intensive negotiations with our foreign mobile network partners and are now in a position to pass on the purchasing advantages we have secured to our customers. These advantages are so comprehensive that customers really don’t need to limit their smartphone usage, not even overseas”, explains Jérôme Wingeier, Head of Roaming.

In the large ‘World 2’ zone comprising 89 countries (including Vietnam, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, Mauritius and other parts of Africa etc.), packages now start at CHF 6.90, representing savings of up to 30% compared to previous prices.


In Europe itself, the price of data packages is also coming down. For instance, the 200-MB package now costs CHF 4.90 and the 1GB package is available for CHF 14.90. These offers continue to be relevant to customers with prepaid, older or very inexpensive subscriptions. However, customers with new subscriptions, such as inOne mobile go or inOne mobile premium, no longer have to worry in 39 European countries, as unlimited surfing and calls home are already included in their package.


Overview of roaming data packages effective 01 April 2019

Travel Pack
EU/Western Europe
39 destinations
World 1
61 destinations
World 2
89 destinations
Rest of the world  
15 destinations
50 MB
6.90 (9.90)
  14.90 (19.90)
200 MB
   4.90 (7.90)
 6.90 (9.90)
 14.90 (19.90)
  59.90 (69.90)
1 GB
 14.90 (19.90)
 19.90 (29.90)
59.90 (79.90)
3 GB
 39.90 (49.90)
 49.90 (79.90)
10 GB**
79.90 (new)

(in brackets) = previous tariffs // data volume valid for 30 days after booking. Packages can be activated in the Swisscom Cockpit and via the Swisscom Roaming app. The Cockpit and the Roaming app can also be accessed free of charge from abroad
** only for customers with inOne mobile go or inOne mobile premium // A complete overview is enclosed

Tariff zone changes swisscom unlimited roaming

As a result of changes to purchasing terms, some countries have changed to a different tariff zone:

  • Countries that now fall under a more expensive tariff zone are Chad and Iraq (both formerly ‘World 2’, now: ‘Rest of the world’), and Kenya (formerly ‘World 1’, now: ‘World 2’)
  • Countries that now fall under a less expensive tariff zone are Mali and Nepal (both formerly subject to a special tariff, now ‘World 2’), and the Palestinian Territories (formerly ‘Rest of the world’, now ‘World 2’), as well as the latest hot destination French-Polynesia and its archipelagos Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea (all ‘World 1’).

Thanks to long-standing partnerships and intensive constructive negotiations, Swisscom is now one of the most attractive providers in both the national and the international market, offering maximum mobile network coverage”, explains Jérôme Wingeier. swisscom unlimited roaming

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