Europe’s first smartphone-managed hotel is in Budapest, Hungary

The 40-room, the 4 star, “paperless” KViHotel in Budapest, Hungary, is using the TMRW Hotels app to allow guests to manage most guest functions via their own smartphone. The app can be used for booking, checking in and out, and the smartphone running the app can be used as a keycard, TMRW founder Csaba Kató said. hotel budapest

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Via a Bluetooth connection, the phone is also the key for the room, and in the event of a late arrival, guests’ phones open the main entrance of the hotel, too. Using the TMRW application, hotel guests are in control of the cooling/heating and can set the desired temperature of the room for their arrival time.

Additional cleaning can also be requested through the TMRW Hotels application, and “Please don’t disturb” signs can even be put out virtually. Guests can pay through the application, order a taxi, and monitor the payment process as well. Guests can check out and the bill can be settled with the help of the application. Payment by bank card is secure and the bill is sent online to the email address provided.

Guests can use free broadband Wi-Fi all over the hotel, and help is provided for use of the app with texts and videos. TMRW virtual customer service is available round the clock. The hotel’s dispatcher service is available on any platform (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, etc.) but guests can ask for guidance or advice even over the phone.

If required by local rules (which can optionally be set by the hotel) the app asks for personal data, a scanned version of passports or other personal ID, and the e-signature of the guest at the time of check-in. This information is stored, inline with the strict data protection.

According to the owners, Guests can book 3 types of rooms that can have between 18 and 36 square meters: Superior, Deluxe and Each room consists of a three-layer glass incorporated in the wall, which together with the lighting creates a unique atmosphere.

The TMRW Hotels application and the company’s hotel concept are not just for one hotel, and the company does not develop solutions for hotels only. The goal of the Group is for this application to become the IT basis for Europe’s hotels, and for this digital solution to help enhance guest experience in both existing hotels and hotels under construction. It also permanently and significantly reduces operating costs.

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