Skyscanner’s ChatGPT plug-in goes live

Skyscanner has launched a beta version of its flight search capability for ChatGPT, allowing users of the popular AI chatbot to easily find and book flights. Powered by Skyscanner’s Travel API, the new integration enables seamless flight search queries directly within ChatGPT conversations. Skyscanner ChatGPT 

When a user asks ChatGPT a question about booking a flight, such as “What are the cheapest flights from New York to London next month?”, ChatGPT will now return a neatly formatted block of flight options pulled from Skyscanner’s database. The results are organized into categories like “Fastest”, “Cheapest” and “Best” to quickly guide the user to the most relevant flights.

According to Skyscanner, this integration has been in development for some time as part of their strategy to expand the usage of their flight search tools. By integrating with ChatGPT’s huge user base, Skyscanner aims to gather valuable data and feedback during the beta testing phase before optimizing the feature for official release.

“ChatGPT and related AI are going to have a massive impact on travel,” said Skyscanner co-founder and former CEO Gareth Williams. “The companies that will do well are the ones that pay attention to data quality. That’s why we’re so focused on using our real-time pricing and availability to power the ChatGPT flight search experience.”

The launch comes as Skyscanner celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Founded in 2003 in Edinburgh, Skyscanner has grown from a small start-up to one of the world’s leading travel search engines. Over 100 million people each month use Skyscanner to compare and book flights, hotels and car rentals.

In a video commemorating Skyscanner’s 20-year milestone, Williams sat down with current CEO John Mangelaars to reflect on the company’s history and discuss the future of travel technology.

When we started Skyscanner, we could never have imagined where it would be in 20 years’ time,” said Williams. “It’s been an incredible journey to watch Skyscanner grow and evolve as travel technology has advanced.”

Mangelaars highlighted Skyscanner’s early adoption of AI and machine learning to improve flight search results. He suggested that new innovations like the ChatGPT integration represent the next generation of travel planning.

“By integrating directly into platforms like ChatGPT that customers already use and trust, we can provide an unparalleled travel booking experience,” said Mangelaars. “This is the future of travel search – meeting users where they are with personalized, AI-enhanced recommendations.”

With the ChatGPT beta launching as Skyscanner celebrates two decades in business, the company appears poised to continue its pioneering role in travel technology. While the beta gathers user feedback, Skyscanner plans to further develop AI integrations that simplify trip planning and deliver the most relevant recommendations at the right time. The future looks bright for Skyscanner as it enters its third decade with cutting-edge tools like AI-powered flight search.


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