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Shenzhen Metro is testing subway ticket payment with face recognition

The use of face recognition is further expanded in China. The Shenzhen Metro is testing the payment with the face. At the moment only at a single station, the expansion is according to media reports however planned.

Image by Andy Leung from Pixabay

In the tech metropolis of Shenzhen, the payment of subway rides is being tested face-to-face, as reported by the South China Morning Post . The Shenzhen Metro is testing a new system at Futian Station in the city center. Here, the lines 2 and 3 intersect, also begins the new airport line 11 here and the high-speed station of the new Hong Kong line is also easily accessible in the tunnel system.

The Shenzhen Metro is one of the subway systems normally paid for by e-ticket, similar to the London Oyster Card. Each user can buy a so-called Shenzhen Tong smart card, which is equipped with short-range radio and can be loaded on the credit. It is also available as a smartphone variant. In addition, individual tickets are also available . Paying with face recognition is another option. However, your own face must be linked to a payment account.

From the report of the post but does not show how this should work in detail. The cost of the trip is usually calculated based on distance, which makes the Shenzhen Tong very convenient. Since facial recognition works only in Futian, the check-out or tap-out from the subway system is missing. It therefore remains unclear whether the test phase will be charged on a flat-rate basis or parallel, for example, a Shenzhen Tong must be used when leaving the subway.

According to the report, the system will be expanded later. Details are still missing.

The use of face recognition in the Shenzhen Metro is interesting in that it is one of the most advanced systems in China. At the same time, the state is expanding the subway system at a record-breaking pace and many Chinese tech companies have their home here. What is tested in Shenzhen could later be applied to other cities or areas.

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