On average, people have 177 selfies on their smartphones

According to Photutorial’s data, 92 million selfies will be taken daily across all devices in 2022. This number coincides with the fact that 2.3 billion photos are taken every day, 4% of which are selfies.

Selfies have gained in popularity with the introduction of front-facing cameras on smartphones. In 2010, the iPhone 4 was the first smartphone with a selfie camera.

“Selfie” was a word of 2013.

Oxford Dictionaries named “Selfie” the word of 2013. It was defined as “a photo of yourself that you take, typically with a smartphone or webcam, and usually put on social media.” Since then, we also got the word “Selfitis,” meaning “an obsessive-compulsive desire to take photos of oneself and post them on social media.”

4% of all photos taken are selfies. Besides selfies, the most common themes are photos of cats, food, cars, houses, feet, other people, shoes, food, friends, rooms, artwork, dogs, and monuments.

18-to-24-year-olds reported that one in three photos they take is a selfie, while some confessed to taking more than 8 selfies daily.

  • 1-4 selfies/day: 55.7% of participants.
  • 5-8 selfies/day: 35.3% of participants.
  • 8+ selfies/day: 9% of participants.

In regards to posting those selfies online:

  • 0 posted selfies/day: 34% of participants.
  • 1-3 posted selfies/day: 40.5% of participants.
  • 3+ posted selfies/day: 25.5% of participants.

People spend 54 hours a year taking selfies

Respondents to the Luster survey said they took an average of nine selfies a week and put the average amount of time needed at seven minutes. According to the study, that adds to about 54 hours a year of taking selfies, including responses from 1,000 young adults.

That may sound shocking, but high numbers like that aren’t unheard of. The average 16 to 25-year-old woman spent 16 minutes taking an average of three selfies per day, or five hours a week, according to Beauty site FeelUnique, which commissioned a study earlier this year, Refinery29 reported.

Despite these figures, only 10 percent of respondents told Luster they were addicted to taking selfies.

The Eiffel Tower is the most popular destination for selfies

People smile the most in selfies in Asia (68%) and South America (64%). The least smiles in selfies can be found in Eastern Europe (53%). On average, people smile in 60% of selfies worldwide.

Selfie App

LINE Camera stands out for its image customization capabilities, especially when it comes to stickers. In addition to frames, text and brushes to draw freely, there are also tons of filters and effects to experiment with. selfie app

The world of image editing applications is quite varied, among proposals for mobile photography experts, fans of social networks or for those who want to do simple retouching. But, if the objective is to give a “cute” touch to the photos captured with the smartphone, the LINE Camera is a proposal to consider .

The application stands out for its image customization capabilities , especially when it comes to stickers. According to the creators, there are more than 5,000 stickers to discover , between free and paid options, including seasonal and themed offers.

In addition to frames, text and brushes to draw freely, there are also tons of filters and effects to try out that promise to turn ordinary photos into something special.

If you wish, you can also combine multiple photographs into creative collages. To facilitate sharing with friends and family, it is possible to send the creations made directly to social networks. selfie app

LINE Camera can be downloaded for free and is available for Android via the Play Store and for iOS via the App Store .


Since their invention in 2010, selfies have progressively grown in popularity. In the future, we can anticipate selfies having an even greater impact on connected industries. For instance, smartphone makers use selfies in their advertisements and market new products by including constantly improved selfie cameras.

Apps and filters for photo editing will advance and become simpler to use. The apps’ creators will use artificial intelligence to automate photo editing, enabling anyone to take stunning selfies.

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