STC strengthens leadership with Thales’ pioneering National eSIM Platform

Thales  has partnered with the Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the largest telecom provider in the Middle East and North Africa, to supply the National eSIM Platform for all customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. saudi arabia esim 

The National eSIM Platform deployed in the STC data center is used by all other MNOs and MVNOs in Saudi Arabia. Thales received an award from STC for the successful deployment of the National eSIM Platform, which is the first eSIM platform that is used to serve an entire country.

The customised and highly scalable Thales eSIM solution supports the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s strategic objectives to drive the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030. The solution enables STC’s customers to enjoy instant connectivity for any GSMA-compliant eSIM device. This includes the latest smartphones, wearables, connected laptops/tablets and all kinds of consumer IoT devices. saudi arabia esim 

Thales’ On-Demand Connectivity cloud service deployed for the country is fully compliant with the latest GSMA specifications and will enable STC’s customers to activate mobile IoT connectivity from the first time they switch on their new device. Subscriptions can then be modified and updated over-the-air, throughout the product lifecycle, without having to return to a store. The National eSIM Platform has passed multiple security certifications to ensure protection against cyberattacks and allowed STC to achieve the highest score at the GSMA security audit.

The service can also be provided to any telecommunications company in the Arab Gulf region, or any international telecommunications company wishing to obtain the service from STC.

In the next phase of the deployment, the National eSIM Platform will be extended to cover the eSIM use case for connected cars and other industrial machines that will benefit from embedded SIM technology and the country-wide connectivity services of STC. Fitted into the device during production, the eSIM technology saves space, improves security and streamlines the manufacturing and logistics for innovative connected products. This includes the Internet of Things (IoT), vehicle guidance technologies, and artificial intelligence. Recent data from the International Data Corporation estimates that spending on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is set to accelerate and reach $17.63 billion by 2023. This is driven by digital transformation projects in both the public and private sectors, as the region starts to play an increasing role in the development of smart cities.

“With billions of people now requiring instant connectivity and machines needing to get connected, remote subscription management is key to an enhanced user experience. With the deployment of Thales’ eSIM solution, STC is reinforcing its position at the forefront of industrial and consumer IoT in the region. Thales has been present in the Kingdom for over 50 years and a partner in its mission for digital transformation, supporting the localization of services through technology transfer, in line with Saudi Vision 2030.” said Pascal Lesaulnier, CEO Thales Saudi Arabia.

He added: “The launch of this new eSIM platform will not only provide mobile customers across the Kingdom with access to an integrated and distinctive digital experience, but also represents a key step towards diversification through innovation.”

We are completely committed to innovation that delivers outstanding service and opportunities for customers. In the past, Thales has supported us achieve the highest score ever in GSMA SAS-SM certification and together we hope to provide the region with the highest, state-of-the-art tech services. The adoption of Thales’ eSIM remote subscription management platform represents the latest stage of this ongoing strategy and builds on an already successful partnership in IoT.” said Yazeed AlFaris, STC Vice President – Applications sector. saudi arabia esim 

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