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STC launches VoIP app Beem in Saudi Arabia

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market in Saudi Arabia is rapidly growing and has become an increasingly popular method of communication for both businesses and individuals.  Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the kingdom’s biggest mobile operator, and app developer Mena Communication Holding have launched Beem, a voice and video calling application to meet the growing demand for communication services in the kingdom. voip app saudi arabia

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Beem, which was launched at the Leap technology exhibition in Riyadh, will cater to personal and business use in an era of remote activity, according to its description on the app store.

“For business users, Beem is an essential tool for effective collaboration and organization management,” it said.

Beem is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play and does not require users to purchase an additional subscription from Saudi Arabia’s telecom operators, including STC, Zain and Mobily.

Voice and video calling apps — which run on voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology — were popular even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

The health crisis, however, caused a spike in VoIP use, as people were confined to their homes and office workers, students and businesses conducted more activities online.

The global mobile VoIP market is projected to grow to $67.8 billion by 2027 from an estimated $33.5 billion in 2021, at a compound annual rate of about 12.5 percent, according to the latest data from Research and Markets.

The use of VoIP also has the potential to provide significant savings voip app saudi arabia

Users can save up to 90 percent on international calls and 40 percent on local calls, while companies can save on operational costs, a study from data provider FinancesOnline showed.

Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on internet calling applications in 2017, allowing services such as Skype and WhatsApp to fully operate in the kingdom.

The move was aimed at improving business confidence as the kingdom transitions into a post-oil era, the government said at that time.

Beem’s features include support for video meetings for up to 150 participants, as well as calendar synchronization and to-do task management.

It also gives users collaboration control for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Admin functionality allows businesses “manage their team and projects with ease”, it said.

Beem also has an augmented reality function that lets users apply filters to their messages.

Some factors contributing to the growth of the VoIP market in Saudi Arabia include:

  1. Government support: The Saudi Arabian government has been actively promoting the adoption of VoIP technology and has taken several measures to support the growth of the market.
  2. Increased broadband penetration: With the growth of high-speed broadband networks in Saudi Arabia, the adoption of VoIP services has become easier and more accessible.
  3. Cost savings: VoIP services offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional telephone services, making it an attractive option for both businesses and individuals.
  4. Improved features and capabilities: VoIP services offer a range of features and capabilities that are not available with traditional telephone services, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and more.
  5. Growing demand for remote work: The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for remote work, and VoIP services have become an essential tool for enabling remote communication.

These factors have contributed to the growth of the VoIP market in Saudi Arabia and are expected to continue to drive its growth in the future. As a result, the VoIP market in Saudi Arabia is poised for significant growth and presents opportunities for companies offering VoIP services and related products.

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