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Samsara Luggage and Monogoto Partner to Deliver Worldwide Internet Service for Smart Luggage Users

Samsara Luggage, Inc. and Monogoto announced a partnership to create a fast lane for Samsara’s customers to subscribe to a new Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, to be available in Samsara’s next generation of smart luggage, using Monogoto’s secure, affordable, and reliable worldwide cellular service.

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As part of Samsara’s revolution in smart luggage technology, Samsara’s customers will be able to subscribe to Monogoto at a preferred rate and enjoy access to a Wi-Fi hotspot while traveling.

“We are excited to partner with Monogoto to enable our newest technology and offer a trustworthy and reasonable cellular provider,” says Atara Dzikowski, CEO and Co-founder of Samsara Luggage, Inc. “The Internet has become an essential tool for the modern traveler, which is why we are focused on providing the most innovative technology to keep our customers connected and safe while traveling. This makes for a perfect collaboration.” 

“With Monogoto’s unique approach to self-service and API-driven secure cellular core management, Samsara will be able to offer a global subscription to its users that will allow them to connect securely to the Internet no matter where they travel and to locate the Samsara suitcase using its GPS navigation system,” says Itamar Kunik, CEO and Founder of Monogoto.

Samsara Luggage plans to unveil its revolutionary tracking technology at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7–11. In addition to Wi-Fi Hotspot features, Samsara’s newest generation of luggage will use GPS navigation technology and the latest Bluetooth (5.1) to provide consumers with tracking features that provide the most accurate location data on the market. All of Samsara’s new technology complies with airline regulations and aviation guidelines, allowing for easy check-in.

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