How Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Services Have Become Beneficial for the Public Sector

Software as a Service — SaaS — uses the internet to securely deliver software solutions. The benefits of SaaS are also a perfect fir not only for the private markets but also for the public sector. Unlike stand-alone software that is installed on local systems, SaaS solutions are hosted in the cloud. saas public sector

Over the past couple of decades, the software industry has embraced SaaS and shifted steadily toward building and shipping cloud-based software. A key reason for this shift is the short stand-up time to get fully functional. Another advantage is the efficiency of adding software improvements and upgrades automatically from the cloud without disruption. In addition, all backend maintenance and security features for SaaS solutions are built into a platform or are enabled by the secure cloud. As a result, in the SaaS model, the software provider absorbs the cost of security and updates, not the end user.

An article from Tyler Technologies said that all of these features — greater efficiency, increased automation, and lower cost — have made SaaS the primary choice of businesses in every sector.

The article said: “Because any specific improvements or additions made to a SaaS solution are scaled to every customer regardless of size, SaaS emerges as the more equitable option for technology solutions in the public sector. With SaaS, features and improvements added to a solution driven by the needs of the biggest jurisdictions — cities like New York or San Francisco — are instantly available to the smallest cities and counties, irrespective of their budget. Since taxpayers ultimately bear the cost of government purchases, this is an important distinction from on-premises and consultant-driven solutions. SaaS levels the playing field, delivering equal access to technology solutions. The result? Better lives for all citizens.”

Active Companies in the markets today include HS GovTech Solutions Inc., Zoom Video Communications, Inc., Google, Cisco Systems, Inc., Poly.

Government leaders are now recognizing these advantages. Particularly for governments working to upgrade legacy systems, SaaS solutions offer the flexibility that’s needed today. They’re easy to customize and their secure application programming interfaces (APIs) make it easy to aggregate and access data from different sources for new insight. Despite the wide-ranging adoption of SaaS in many sectors and industries, the perception that SaaS is less secure than on-premises software persists. In reality, SaaS is the most secure option. SaaS solutions have built-in security and are continuously upgraded and optimized. Public sector CIOs recognize this. A recent survey of State CIOs indicated that their top technology priorities were cloud solutions and SaaS.”

Online conferencing boomed during the pandemic, but many of our regulatory customers found traditional teleconferencing created more challenges than it solved. In response, the Company developed GovCallTM. As government agencies pivoted much of their workforce to telework status in early 2020, consistent issues were experienced trying to do “virtual inspections” using incumbent products for video conferencing from leading suppliers. In keeping with the Company’s theme of “Beyond Data Management” GovCallTM goes “Beyond Teleconferencing”.

HS GovTech developed its teleconferencing technology initially for government, allowing for a powerful, fully integrated with HSCloud Suite, conferencing solution. Governments have a higher threshold of requirements than most in the private sector. Shortly after its release GovCallTM became an impressive part of GovTech’s overall solution. Applications like GovCallTM round out the Company’s SaaS product suite generating more contracts in Q2 to date than any other previous quarter.

GovCallTM is browser based, requiring no application download, and has more features than almost all the other product offerings. One feature in particular that is getting a lot of attention is real-time transcripts. Users can receive a real-time transcript of their call, with near 100% accuracy, a feature basically non- existent in other products. Imagine, board meetings, regulatory visits, virtual inspections, team collaboration calls and more all referenceable and searchable via instant transcripts. Feature rich GovCallTM provides all functionality for a low monthly per user fee, no hidden charges and no hidden fees. saas public sector


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