Orange Poland reaches 227,000 eSIM users

eSIM works in smartphones, watches, tablets and laptops. We had or have over 40 models of various devices with eSIM function on sale. Still, smartphone manufacturers release mainly flagships with the eSIM function. Mid-range and budget phones are missing, which slows down the spread of this convenient and fully digital standard of the card. Find out more about Orange Poland eSIM users below.

eSIM in Poland has not become a particular hit also. Although this standard is being introduced by successive operators, the total number of virtual SIM card users is growing rather slowly.


Orange Poland leads in eSIM users number orange poland esim users

From time to time we can count on updates on how many people in Poland are already using eSIM. It is difficult to find a general report covering the entire country, but there is one operator who regularly and willingly shares such data – Orange. This is mainly because the Oranges are leaders in implementing this standard. Compared to other networks, they undoubtedly score best in this category.

Orange spokesman Wojciech Jabczyński handed over on Twitter the 227,000 Orange customers are currently using the eSIM service. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people who only use smartphones.

This is additional information: 60,000 eSIMs run on smartwatches.

A year ago, Orange boasted 100,000 eSIM users in Poland. As you can see, the progress is very slow. Accelerating is difficult – apparently only a few thousand customers see tangible benefits and see the point in “investing” their attention in the electronic version of the SIM card and the devices that support it.

More And More Operators Enable Esim Services

The networks operating in Poland implemented the eSIM standard very slowly. Orange was the first to address this. Thanks to this service, they managed to get literally hundreds of thousands of new users. Poland customers also have the possibility of using eSIM in Plus, T-Mobile and for several days – also in Play. You can also try to get this option on the OTVARTA network.

No wonder Orange has turned its back on the competition so much when introducing electronic SIM cards.

eSIM is better for the environment

As for “Extra eSIM cards”, they are most often charged on watches and tablets. The first ones are dominated by Apple Watch models, followed by Samsung watches. By the way, we have good news for smartwatch eSIM users. Orange improved the activation process of “Extra eSIM cards” on Apple Watch, which should now run smoothly, only with the login and password for My Orange. Finally, it is worth noting that eSIM cards have a lower carbon footprint than their physical counterparts, do not require courier delivery and do not produce plastic and paper packaging waste. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use this form of a card, as long as you have the appropriate device.


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