Orange Belgium Introduces Half ID SIM Card To Reduce Its Plastic Consumption

Orange Belgium introduces the Half ID SIM cards, a first on the Belgian market. These new SIM cards are half the size of regular SIM cards and will allow Orange Belgium to reduce its plastic consumption by more than 2 tons a year. orange belgium sim card

In order to reduce its plastic consumption, Orange Belgium is the first to introduce Half ID SIM cards on the Belgian market. These new SIMs are half the size of regular SIM cards and will allow a reduction of Orange Belgium’s overall plastic consumption by more than 2 tons a year. The first units of Half ID SIM cards will be available as of today in Orange Belgium’s Smart and Concept stores. The total switch to Half ID’s is expected by early 2021.

This effort on plastic consumption, along with the introduction eSIM, is part of broader plan, which intends to reduce Orange Belgium’s impact on the environment, aiming at remaining CO2 neutral for its operations and reducing by 30% its remaining CO2 emissions related to its employees’ mobility by 2023. This will be achieved through 5G and RAN sharing implementation, increased refurbishing and recycling of technical hardware, employees’ mobility plans, increased deployment of teleworking, efforts on paper consumption, …

Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium, comments: “As a responsible telecom operator, we adopt a 360 degree approach to reduce our impact on the environment, looking at our network, our data centers, our shops, our customers’ devices, and our employees’ mobility. Reducing our plastic consumption is part of our commitment for the planet, as with these new Half ID SIM cards.” orange belgium sim card


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