O2 Germany Launches New Financial App ‘O2 Money’

Up to 2 percent bonus interest for O 2 customers

O2 Germany has recently launched its O2 Money app together with its banking partner comdirect. The new app is a freely available smart financial assistant for all users.

In addition to the practical functions of the financial assistant, O2 customers will receive bonus interest on their credit balance up to a certain amount. O2 customers who integrate their O2 banking account with comdirect into the O2 Money app receive 2 percent bonus interest per year. O2 customers who instead deposit their current account with another bank benefit from 1 percent bonus interest per year.

O2 Money App also includes an attractive bonus interest program that is unique in Germany. The app also offers many innovative functions that allow users to keep track of their finances easily and securely on their smartphone at all times. For example, they receive an overview of existing mobile phone contracts or their available monthly budget. The well-known free mobile banking services of O2 Banking are also included in the new app. Existing O2 Banking users only need to update their O2 Banking app. It will then automatically become the O2 Money App.

The new, free and comprehensive financial app O2 Money is available to all users – including non-customers of O2 .

Overview of all finances via the O 2 Money smartphone app

Monthly budget: With one tap, users have a full overview of their monthly budget and, thanks to the finance manager, always know what they can afford this month – including pending payments and incoming payments.
Budget book: Here users can see at a glance what they are spending money on and see immediately where they can still save.
Contract overview: The app automatically recognizes all current contracts and subscriptions such as insurance, rent, electricity and gas costs, streaming subscriptions, mobile communications and other regular services and summarizes them clearly.

2 Banking is part of the new O 2 Money app

2 Banking users only need to update their O 2 Banking app.
O 2 Banking customers with a current account at comdirect continue to receive the familiar free services via the O 2 Money app : account management , a Visa debit card in O 2 design with contactless payment function and a girocard. Customers have access to contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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