New HolaFly offer: Unlimited data in the United States from € 29

Now that we have roaming like at home rule it seems that everything is solved and that we will no longer be charged for the data during our holidays but we must bear in mind that according to our consumption we can be charged after spending data allowance include in our tariff. ANd that can be very expensive.  Also there are many parts of the world where roaming expenses still waiting.

Here is an alternative to expensive roaming charges or looking for WI-Fi.

HolaFly, Spain company, offers unlimited 7 days or 15 days of Internet in many countries and in particular in United States offers unlimited data for 7 days for € 29 or even 15 days for € 44. You can keep your WhatsApp number and include calls and SMSs to other numbers in the United States. They are easy to activate and use the T-Mobile 4G network.

SIM that can delivered between 24 and 48 hours in Spain.

HolaFly can be solution for enjoying a good data service throughout  trip without risk of overcharging as if it happens using our operator’s Roaming. It is also convenient to have the SIM before the trip, as it avoids looking for an operator, buying on the airport, etc.

In particular HolaFly offers plans to several countries that may be  interest although it is true that unlimited data roaming is not always offered in all countries, so you have to read the conditions well: For example, in Russia HolaFly offers a SIM with up to 10GB for € 29 for 7 days.

In fact, in Japan they offer 7 days of unlimited data for € 19 or 8 days in Thailand with unlimited 3G data (and 2GB in 4G) for € 16.9.

HolaFly responds to the need of many Spaniards who travel around the world and is an interesting alternative to saving by offering tranquility especially to American destinations where unless we are from Vodafone we do not have Roaming included.

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