Nect World partners with Truphone to bring eSIM technology to its offerings

nect MODEM users can now benefit from Truphone’s global connectivity and eSIM solutions nect MODEM is a Red Dot awarded product that was crowdfunded by more than $350k for its launch

Truphone announces its partnership with nect WORLD—bringing state-of-the-art eSIM technology to its new nect MODEM product using built-in M2M eSIM chips and Truphone’s connectivity solution: Truphone Connect. nect world esim

nect MODEM is nect WORLD’s solution for providing its customers with portable wireless internet. With nect MODEM, users get an all-in-one pocket WiFi solution for secure and reliable internet anywhere. As a USB VPN modem hotspot, nect MODEM delivers fast data to a user’s laptop, ensures secure wireless connection, and shares internet with up to 10 other devices.

nect MODEM is not just a piece of hardware, however. It also runs via a dedicated web app. From today, this application will be powered by Truphone Connect, Truphone’s state-of-the-art platform for enabling companies to bundle its connectivity and eSIM technology with their existing products. Utilising Truphone’s global network, nect MODEM can seamlessly connect in more than 110 countries, including the US, Canada, and Europe.

In 2018, Truphone launched the world’s first end-user app to offer global connectivity for eSIM-enabled smartphones. Today, Truphone Connect has evolved into a powerful connectivity management platform, allowing Truphone partners to integrate similar functionality in their own apps, utilising any distribution channel and connecting any device, whether this is a smartphone or a custom device like nect WORLD has built.

Scott MacKenzie, Head of Product Management at Truphone said: At Truphone, we’ve long since believed that the key to unlocking a more connected world is interoperability. That’s how Truphone Connect was born. We built this technology from the ground up so that like-minded, forward-thinking companies like nect WORLD could share in our creation, and provide the same excellent service and seamless connection to their own customers.”

Maryna Zaporozhets, CEO at nect WORLD added: “I am incredibly proud to announce our partnership with Truphone, an industry-leading company making the world more accessible through eSIM connectivity.

Together with Truphone, we are working to erase the boundaries in global connection—creating an ecosystem that enables everyone to enjoy safe and reliable internet wherever they go.

All of us at nect WORLD are thrilled to be a part of this journey—pushing towards a more connected era. In powering up our offering with Truphone Connect, we will continue to build and create innovative products for a more connected future.” nect world esim


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