London Thrives: Europe’s Most Diverse, Post-Brexit

A recent Yougov survey, commissioned by app Let's Day Out, shows that London remains one of the most interesting cities in Europe, despite Brexit

Despite Brexit making headlines for over three years, London maintains its popularity as a top global destination. A recent Yougov survey, commissioned by Let’s Day Out, found that 63% of people aged 25-34 in the UK agreed that London is one of the “most diverse and interesting cities in Europe.

The survey also shows that 61% of people aged 25-35 think London offers the biggest range of events and experiences in the UK.

Vicky Cheng, CEO, Let’s Day Out, says: “Our app is all about connecting fun-loving and like-minded people, and connecting them to exclusive premium experiences. We’re pleased to see that, just like us, most people still think that London has the best to offer in terms of arts and entertainment, despite recent geo-political events.”

A fresh take on online dating london diverse

The survey highlights that despite being a city with millions of people who call it their home, nearly one third (32%) of people aged 25-34 from around the UK feel that meeting like-minded people in London is difficult.

To help solve this problem, the Let’s Day Out app offers an innovative take on online networking, which Cheng feels is a “broken market.”

The app uses its own artificial intelligence algorithm to match users online by analyzing user data and user behaviour. But it goes further than that. Through Let’s Day Out, users are encouraged to take part in premium experiences and exclusive events together with their new connections, thus offering an unparalleled match-making experience by ensuring the journey takes place both online and offline.

Cheng says: “With Let’s Day Out, we are taking something that is ubiquitous and fixing it. We integrate something totally new into the dating app “template”: shared experiences. We are certain that this is the game-changer that online dating and matchmaking desperately needs.”

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