Lifecell Ukraine reports jump in demand for eSims and starts promo

The demand for eSIM from lifecell is constantly growing. Since February 24, it has increased by an average of 5 times, and on some days subscribers ordered 20 times more digital SIM cards than before the start of hostilities in Ukraine. lifecell ukraine esim

During the war in Ukraine, the tendency to use an electronic SIM card is growing. It has a number of advantages over the physical SIM card, current during the martial law and hostilities:

protected from physical damage, and in case of loss of the smartphone the malefactor will not be able to use it;
you do not need to look for an offline point of sale to buy, it will take only 2 minutes to buy or replace the SIM with eSIM; it is possible to install several in one device.

From March 4 to 7, the operator observed a peak in demand for eSIM – with the help of digital SIM-cards, 25 times more subscribers joined the lifecell network than in the same period before the war. And the traffic from the Kherson region in the lifecell online store exceeded the usual level 44 times during this period. This is due to the fact that lifecell remained the only operator that provided communications services in Kherson and the region during this period. Stably high rates of digital SIM use in March remain in Kyiv and Kherson region.

Due to the active hostilities, many of our compatriots were forced to move to the west of Ukraine in search of security and go abroad, which also affected the demand for eSIM. The number of digital SIM users in Lviv and Lviv region has increased almost 6 times compared to pre-war times. Outside Ukraine, the demand for eSIM increased 7 times, most people bought a digital SIM card in Poland and Germany.

eSIM can be purchased online in the online store, in the mobile application “My lifecell” (Android / iOS / Huawei) and Monobank, as well as through the site, application or self-service terminals “EasyPay”. Since the beginning of the war, the number of eSIM purchases in the My Lifecell appliance has increased significantly, by 10 times compared to the same period before the war. Through Monobank – 6 times, except on the beginning of March – 40 times more.

All new eSIM Bonus users are given an additional 50 GB of Internet and 50 minutes for all numbers in Ukraine for the first 7 days of using a digital SIM. The subscriber also receives UAH 150 on the bonus account, which practically compensates for spending on the purchase of eSIM.

Currently, lifecell is actively working on the implementation of additional eSIM features for subscribers. More information about eSIM can be found at the link. lifecell ukraine esim


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