LGU+ and Elisa to develop automation for 5G networks

LG Uplus, the South Korean mobile Service Provider, and Elisa Corporation, the Finnish mobile network operator, have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop automation for 5G networks. At Mobile World Congress 2019 in February the parties announced their signing of a Memorandum of understanding. The newly signed agreement signifies an important step in the work of improving mobile networks and customer experience. LGU+ and Elisa

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The scope of the agreement is to develop advanced network analytics and automation in order to cope with the challenges of 5G networks. The companies will leverage machine learning algorithms to improve the mobile network quality. Network challenges are expected to grow due to the increased complexity in network management that 5G introduces. At the same time, the 5G requirement for network quality will rise.

Using the Elisa Automate solution, LG Uplus and Elisa will ensure the business value of the 5G investments and great network quality, which is an uncompromised requirement in all development work to fulfil the 5G promises for customers.
Both LG Uplus and Elisa are in the forefront of rolling out 5G services in their respective market areas. The work will continue to provide mutual benefits for 5G commercial deployment for both of the operators.

Taehee Moon, Head of Network Solution Development Unit of LG Uplus said, “We value Elisa’s experience in automating network operations and the work that we have done together with them. At LG Uplus we are eager to strengthen the work to build machine learning-based automation that will assist our expanding 5G network deployment and benefit our 5G subscribers.” LGU+ and Elisa

Kirsi Valtari, VP, Head of Elisa Automate said “ LG Uplus is in the forefront in the world with their 5G networks and technology, and they are known for their great quality of service. It is our pleasure to work with LG Uplus to build advanced machine learning-based automation and analytics for networks.”



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