Italy promotes cashless payments with 10% rebates

Consumers in Italy can now receive an automatic 10% refund into their bank account for cashless in-store payments made using a credit, debit or prepaid card or payment app between now and the end of the year — as long as they make at least 10 digital transactions during the period. Italy cashless payments

WHAT IS CASHBACK Italy cashless payments

With Cashback, starting from January 1, 2021, get a 10% refund on the amount of purchases you make with credit cards, debit and prepaid cards, ATMs and payment apps in shops, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and large distribution or for craftsmen and professionals.
Online purchases do not compete.There is no minimum amount of expenditure and it is possible to obtain reimbursements of up to 300 euros per year . Every 6 months, if you make a minimum of 50 payments you will receive 10% of the amount spent, up to a maximum of 150 euros in total reimbursement . The maximum reimbursement per single transaction is 15 Euros.


From 8 to 31 December 2020, with the Christmas Extra Cashback, to have 10% refund up to a maximum of 150 euros that will be credited to you in the first months of 2021, you only need 10 purchases with credit cards, cards debit and prepaid, ATMs and payment apps .
Cashback couple


You can receive Christmas Cashback and Extra Cashback if you are over 18 and reside in Italy .

In the family, every adult member can participate, and the reimbursements can be cumulated. For example, a couple can only get up to 300 euros in December 2020 and reach a total refund of 900 euros at the end of 2021.


To get started you need to register for the Cashback Program:


Make sure you have SPID (your digital identity), if you don’t have it, request it now.
To obtain SPID you must contact one of the Identity Providers of your choice.
Depending on the person you choose, you can start the identification procedure by choosing the one that is simpler for you from different ways.
Go to and start the registration procedure!

You will be guided by the instructions that will be provided to you as you register.


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