Iliad’s Free Mobile enhances € 2/month plan with Booster

Free’s subscribers on the €2 Mobile plan (€0/month for Freebox subscribers) now have the option to add unlimited calls and increase their data to 1GB for an extra €2.99 a month, with no commitment. The basic price of their mobile plan remains the same and it’s still with no commitment. iliad booster


This new option is sure to be extremely popular, particularly for parents of teenagers looking for a plan with lots of calls and more data at a very attractive price.

It’s available online, on the website for new subscribers and via their Subscriber Space for existing subscribers.

The Free €2 plan (€0/month for Freebox subscribers) with the 1GB Booster option (for an extra €2.99/month) includes:
• Unlimited calls in Metropolitan France and to the French overseas départements (DOM, apart from Mayotte) instead of 2 hours per month
• Unlimited texts and MMS in Metropolitan France and unlimited texts to the DOM
• 1GB of data per month in Metropolitan France (€0.05/MB if exceeded) instead of 50MB per month
• In Europe and the DOM: 1GB of data per month (€0.05/MB if exceeded) and unlimited calls

1GB Booster option valid only with the Free €2 plan. €2.99/month if the option is taken on at the same time as the subscription to the plan, with an additional €10 billed if the option is taken on after subscription to the plan. 1GB of data (€0.05/MB if exceeded) per month in Metropolitan France; 1GB of data (€0.05/MB if exceeded) per month in Europe and the DOM; and unlimited calls in Metropolitan France, Europe and the DOM (apart from Mayotte).

The price of the Free €2 plan for Freebox subscribers is €0/month, i.e. a reduction of €2/month. Price only available for subscribers to a Freebox plan and for one Free €2 plan. Offer not cumulative with other reductions for Freebox subscribers.

All reductions are lost if the subscriber terminates their Freebox plan.

About Free iliad booster

Free – the inventor of the world’s first triple-play box – is a Fixed and Mobile Ultra-Fast Broadband operator in France, standing out for its innovative, straightforward and attractive offerings. At end-June 2022, it had 20.9 million BtoC subscribers (13.9 million Mobile subscribers and 7 million Fixed subscribers). Free is a subsidiary of the iliad Group, which was created in France in the early 1990s and now also operates in Italy under the iliad brand and in Poland under the Play brand. In March 2021, the iliad Group launched its BtoB business in France under the Free Pro brand.


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