Russia eSim smartphone sales reach 2 million in 2022

Around 2 million eSim supporting smartphones have been sold in Russia since the beginning of this year, reports citing a study by the Video-Eldorado group. Cellular operators note that the volume of remote eSIM connections through a mobile application in the first half of 2022 quadrupled. Russia eSim smartphone

The press service of M.Video-Eldorado notes that since 2018, when sales of the first models with support for a virtual SIM card (iPhone XR, iPhone XS, XS Max) started, about 11.5 million of these have already been sold in Russia. devices.

“Only in 2022, about every sixth smartphone purchased turned out to be with eSIM – this is about 2 million devices. Smartphones with eSIM (in addition to the standard SIM card slot) are becoming more and more popular in the Russian market, but at the moment only models have an advantage over the traditional SIM format – such gadgets account for more than 80% of sales. With eSIM, consumers mainly have access to devices from Apple, flagships and foldable smartphones from Samsung, and gadgets from Huawei and Motorola.

According to them, the first devices that work only with eSIM, without a slot for a physical card, will appear in Russia – smartphones from the iPhone 14 line. continue to choose the combined version – with a slot for a SIM card and a built-in module,” the company’s representatives said.

The press service of PJSC MegaFon reports that the share of devices with eSIM is growing, and the iPhone 11 has made a big contribution to this trend. In general, according to our observations, even in those devices where eSIM is supported, it is rarely used. Most owners of such smartphones habitually use a standard SIM card,” the representatives of the operator said.

Tele2 also notes an increase in interest in eSIM. “The total volume of remote eSIM connections through the operator’s mobile application in the first half of 2022 grew four times compared to the same period last year. The share of eSIM devices in the Tele2 network at the beginning of 2021 was about 3%. Now it has doubled times and exceeds 6%. Tele2 was the first operator on the Russian telecom market to introduce eSIM technology, which allows you to abandon plastic SIM cards,” Tele2 representatives said. Russia eSim smartphone


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