IIJ intros 6GB version of Japan Travel SIM

Internet Initiative Japan Inc., one of Japan’s leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, announced the availability of a new 6GB (30 days) version of its Japan Travel SIM, a prepaid SIM card providing mobile data communication service to people staying in Japan temporarily.

Offering twice the capacity of earlier products, the new version goes on sale today at approximately 570 outlets throughout Japan, including electronics stores and airport shops.

Japan Travel SIM is sold as a package containing a multi-size three-in-one SIM card (for standard, micro, and nano sizes) with preset data communication capacity. Simply by inserting the SIM card in a SIM lock-free mobile device or Wi-Fi router and performing the necessary setup in the device, customers are able to enjoy mobile data communication in Japan throughout the nationwide NTT DOCOMO 4G (LTE) and 3G service areas.

Timed with the recent increase in visitors to Japan from abroad, the new 6GB (30 days) version is offered in addition to the existing 3GB (30 days) version, for those with greater data communication needs while in Japan.

Service Description

Product name Japan Travel SIM 6GB (3in1) Japan Travel SIM 3GB (3in1)
Data capacity 6GB 3GB
Pricing Open pricing
Usage period(*1) 30 days from the start of use for data communication
Data add-on(*1) Available
SIM card type Multi-size SIM (compatible with standard, micro, and nano SIM slots)
Coverage area(*2) Can be used in Japan wherever NTT DOCOMO 4G (LTE) or 3G service is available.
Supported languages
  • Text on SIM card packaging: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified)
  • Instruction manual: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai
  • Service website: Japanese, English, Chinese
  • Telephone support: Japanese, English, Chinese (9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. JST, 7 days a week)
Where sold Please see the service website (https://tr.iijmio.jp/shop/).
  • (*)Japan Travel SIM is for data use only. It cannot be used for voice or short message service.
  • (*)Switching to a monthly plan using this SIM card is not supported. Once the usage period has ended, it will no longer be possible to add data to the SIM card.
  • (*)On a SIM-locked device, it is necessary to perform an unlocking procedure before this card can be used.
  • (*)The currently sold 1.5G (30 days) product will no longer be available after the existing stock has sold out.
  • (*1)Additional data capacity can be purchased by using an IIJmio Coupon Card or Brastel Card. The additional data can be used until the end of the third month after it was added.
  • (*2)The theoretical maximum speed. Actual communication speeds are device dependent. 3G can be used in locations where 4G (LTE) is not available.

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