The new HP Sprocket Plus increases in size, now photos are 30% larger

The new HP Sprocket Plus is a new portable printer specializing in photographs that allows us to capture any of our captures on paper from a mobile device. hp sprocket

You only need a Bluetooth connection and we can pair our phone with the Sprocket Plus, printing everything that comes to mind.

[bs-quote quote=”The photographs printed with this Sprocket Plus have dimensions of 5.8 x 8.6 centimeters.” style=”style-4″ align=”left”][/bs-quote]

Sprocket Plus is compatible with all types of mobile phones although and application is available for iOS and Android .

A free application that we can download and that will allow us to send the photographs to the printer, deciding on the way another series of parameters from the screen of our mobile.

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The Sprocket Plus uses a printing technique known as ZINK Zero Ink, similar to the photographs taken by Polaroid cameras. This system allows that the ink arrives already added to the own paper , so that we will only have to load these special papers in the printer and we will be able to print.

HP Sprocket Plus price is €159.90 which includes a package with 10 photo papers. Paper can also be purchased separately at 14.90 euros per 20 sheets.



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