HO.mobile has some inconsistencies on roaming costs abroad

HO.mobile users will have to be very careful with international roaming - especially with Switzerland and Monaco

How much does it actually cost to call, surf the internet and send text messages to HO.mobile users who decide to travel to nearby Switzerland? Find out more about HO.mobile roaming below.

There are some inconsistencies concerning the rates on the official web and on official App.

By consulting the “Guide Estero” on the official website, can be noticed significant tariff changes, particularly as regards roaming costs in Switzerland and Monaco.

Just comparing the costs in Switzerland and Monaco with those of last July you can see a considerable increase in costs.

In particular, the cost of SMS has increased from 10 cents to  75 euro cents. The cost of navigation also increased, from € 0.0244 / MB to € 0.05 / MB .

On the other hand, on the official App, under the heading “Zone 2”, where Switzerland and Monaco are included, the previous tariffs still appear.

A similar situation is for Albania and Turkey, where text messages have increased from 0.73 to 0.75 euros.

Is this first price remodulation for ho.mobile or an error in updating the rates on official documentation stays to see. HO.mobile roaming

Non e tutto chiaro.

When you travel to European Union countries, you can safely use your offer at no additional cost to call and surf, subject to compliance with the conditions of correct and lawful use.

All calls and SMS you receive in EU countries are free, even if the sender is not located in an EU country.

Remember that Switzerland, Turkey, Albania, the Principality of Monaco and San Marino are not part of the EU countries.


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