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Guided Planet Emerges As Fastest Growing Global Concierge App

Lifestyle Management services are no longer just for the uber-wealthy flying around on private jets and holidaying on mega yachts. Guided Planet app

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In today’s world, most of us are time poor, stressed and frazzled and need some help. Many are turning to concierge and lifestyle management services to help them manage their lives in an effort to reduce stress, organize and manage more effectively and save time and money. While some traditional concierge companies still rely on emails and phone services, in the ever speedy world of tech, one lifestyle management company is breaking the mold.


Guided Planet has emerged from stealth mode where it has been steadily growing over the last number of years. It gained over 300,000 members in its first year – making it the fastest growing global concierge platform. A hybrid messaging platform using AI, bots and automation along with an experienced team of concierges from around the world, Guided Planet can react to member requests in real time and instantaneously fulfill requests such as restaurant bookings, hotel reservations and access to tickets to events around the globe. Everything can be handled on the concierge app from simple information requests right through to buying tickets to your favorite sports events. For companies with existing apps, Guided Planet can seamlessly link into them to offer the service white labelled.


“If the request is more complex it is then routed to an experienced member of our team who can deal directly with the member via chat,” said Mark Wallis CTO with over 18 years in the tech sector. “We have been very happy with the reaction of the members to date,” said Wallis. “The immediate gratification and cost savings we are able to offer make for a winning combination.” The management team comprises seasoned entrepreneurs and executives experienced in the lifestyle management and tech sectors.

Though tech focused and fast, the service is still highly personalized, with members able to select their preferences on what they would like to hear about. This ensures they are only getting promotions and offers on events that are relevant to them. With success rates of 97% of members first choices, Guided Planet has a lot to smile about.

At the moment the service is B2B and B2B2C with global corporate companies. Many corporate clients need to offer an enhanced product package to their clients and lifestyle management is a perfect complement for banks, telecoms companies, airlines, hotels and even other online aggregators like Airbnb and Uber. “The key for many companies is to keep their customers transacting in multiple sectors under their brand,” says Lisa Murray the CEO. “The demand for the service white labelled under their clients’ brands is strong, we find it really drives brand loyalty for our clients.

There is competition, American Express has its black card and Mastercard and other card providers offer discounts on hotels, flights, restaurants and other services. “They are mainly focused on the luxury market whereas we offer services to all demographics,” says Murray. “Our platform allows for instant fulfillment and most of our competitors don’t have our agility in that regard. They are still focused on email and phone support but people want to be able to do everything quickly nowadays using chat.

Market research shows 78% of guests in hotels would rather chat message their hotel concierge from the convenience of the beach or the plane rather than wait to be seen standing in line at a hotel desk. The market for concierge services is forecast to grow substantially as companies look to cut costs and tighten their belts while also offering broader services to entice customers. Outsourcing these services to Guided Planet allows for increased revenue, lower costs by an average of 75%, targeted offers to customers, and a wealth of data on exactly what the customers need. “Time is our most precious commodity and we are able to give that back to customers,” says Murray. Guided Planet app

Guided Planet is firmly in growth mode, principally focused on a brand and market share-building phase.

For more information, please email press@guidedplanet.com or visit www.guidedplanet.com.

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