Gigabytes became cheaper in all markets

Our phones are getting faster and have better screens and more processing power and, off course, they need more cellular data. More and more operators are offering unlimited data plans to feed those needs

Mobile data allows smartphone users to access the internet, even without Wi-Fi access. If you have a data-enabled device, you’ll access your apps, information, email, and more using smartphone data. Your carrier will automatically charge any cellular data usage through your elected data plans. mobile data prices

Using cellular data can get expensive, which is the most significant disadvantage. Depending on your mobile carrier, you may or may not have an unlimited amount of data available to you as part of your mobile data plan. However, it’s best to know the allowances or limits placed on data usage by your mobile carrier.

More and more people are using their mobile phones to access the Internet on the move. Due to the elimination of roaming charges in other EU countries, this has become cheaper since June, even across EU borders.

Decrease in prices is still due to a strong competition mainly based on “commoditized” mobile services (voice or data) or on the customer acquisition strategy of “low cost” players.

The rapid increase of the availability of smart devices and the OTTs’ offering of new services and application generate new data traffic needs and drive a general increase in data allowance by operators. Increasing data allowances and plans tend to converge, within each market, towards standard data allowances, i.e. comparable cap of data per offer in the same country.

Consuming a GB of mobile data became cheaper in all markets – less so in mature Asia and Nordics whereas India plays in a price erosion league of its own.

Biggest decrease is evident in India (64%) and in EU countries in Latvia (60%); smallest decrease in Japan (13%) and Greece (11%).

Unlimited mobile broadband plans for fixed-to-mobile home broadband substitution (FMS) are now available for less than €30 in nine markets and for less than €20 in eight markets (including Switzerland!, Poland, Finland).

How many gigabytes €30 buys in 4G smartphone plans? mobile data prices

  • In April 2018 in half of all 28 EU markets €30 bought consumers 100 or unlimited gigabytes
  • In all EU28 & OECD markets, except Norway, €30 bought more gigabytes in April 2018 than in November 2017

Fully allocated gigabyte prices in 4G smartphone plans

  • The EU28 median fully allocated gigabyte price fell from €2.4/GB in November 2017 to €2.3 GB in April 2018
  • The OECD median fully allocated gigabyte price fell from €3.3/GB in November 2017 to €2.9 GB in April 2018
  • The country median gigabyte prices in Korea, Canada, United States, Germany and Japan continue to be a universe apart compared to the country median price (€0.8/GB) of the competitive 4-MNO French market


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