Each Android smartphone can be upgraded to eSIM with eSIM.me

The global telecommunications industry is in the transition phase from physical SIM cards to eSIM technology. It must be guaranteed at all times that end users can use the mobile communications products so that a constant sales market remains. esim for android

This gives rise to the current dilemma of the telecommunications industry:
The market share of smartphones that support the eSIM is still too small for the mobile network operator to make investments in the eSIM. This is all the more true for less developed countries. A circle of dependence grows out of this. If I, as an end consumer, do not take advantage of an eSIM offer, why should I buy an eSIM-capable device that is significantly more expensive than many other smartphones? As long as this circle is not broken, the huge advantages of eSIM will be withheld from a broad mass.

eSIM.ME card

With the eSIM.me Card, Android smartphone owners worldwide have the opportunity to equip their existing smartphone with eSIM functionality for a small fee. The potential eSIM-compatible smartphone pool is thus expanded ad hoc by around 2 billion end devices. This creates enormous incentives for the industry and significantly accelerates the evolutionary transformation to eSIM – up to a real eSIM revolution with great advantages for all end users!

The most important feature of the eSIM.me card is undoubtedly the fact that a smartphone without any eSIM functionality gets upgraded to full eSIM functionality. Countless consumers can enter the eSIM age with the eSIM.me card without having to purchase a new, expensive smartphone. All Android smartphones from Android 7 can use this feature of the eSIM.me card without restrictions.

More than 10 eSIM profiles are available

More than 10 eSIM profiles can be saved simultaneously on the eSIM.me card using the eSIM.me APP. The individual profiles can be managed in the eSIM.me APP. It is possible to select, rename and delete profiles.
The design of the eSIM.me card combines the best of both SIM worlds: All functions of the eSIM technology are fully supported and at the same time the eUICC, embedded in the SIM card form factor, can be used as flexibly as a normal SIM card. If an eSIM profile is selected on the eSIM.me card and the eSIM.me card is then inserted in a mobile phone that does not have the eSIM.me APP installed, the eSIM.me card works like a normal SIM card: The selected eSIM profile is recognized and read as a normal SIM card, regardless of whether it is the latest iPhone or an old Nokia, for example.
The eSIM.me card thus not only makes a contribution to the faster transition to eSIM technology in the present, but will also ensure that old cell phones can always be used in the eSIM-only future.


The eSIM.me Card works as a full eUICC only in conjunction with the eSIM.me APP. Think of it like a computer: The eSIM.me card is the hardware and the eSIM.me APP is the associated software including the driver. The eSIM.me APP provides the so-called Local Profile Assistant (LPA), which is exactly that part of the operating system that is required to download an eSIM profile and write it on an an eUICC. In addition, the eSIM.me APP acts as an interface for operating the eSIM.me card. The QR code of the respective eSIM profile can be photographed, entered manually or read directly from the gallery in order to save the eSIM profile on the eSIM.me card. The different profiles can then be selected, renamed or deleted.

eSIM.me Advantages esim for android

The new global SIM standard of eSIM and the associated technological possibilities deliver all owners of eSIM-compatible end devices many groundbreaking advantages!
eSIM.me card increases the number of eSIM-compatible smartphones by leaps and bounds and thus accelerates the transition into the eSIM era enormously! This has positive consequences for all of us, because our planet benefits from the eSIM.me Card! However, we benefit most personally when traveling and at home from completely new possibilities in terms of network quality and mobile communications costs.


We support the initiative of many mobile network operators to introduce an eco-rating for new smartphone models. One thing is clear, however: the most environmentally friendly smartphone is what no longer needs to be produced, i.e. what you are already using!
In addition, the digital character of eSIM technology is fundamentally more environmentally friendly than the still dominant standard of the physical SIM card. The eSIM.me Card is the driver of these positive developments!

Extending the lifespan of smartphones

The eSIM.me card makes it possible to use current smartphones even if there are no longer any physical SIM cards. It is a done deal that this scenario will materialize.
The eSIM.me card saves conventional cell phones without eSIM compatibility into the upcoming eSIM-only age and impresses as an intuitive plug & play solution. Due to the form factor of a regular SIM card, it fits into the SIM card slot of all known cell phones and enables those phones to be at least able to read eSIM profiles.
Please do not buy a new smartphone just because you absolutely want to enjoy the advantages of eSIM technology. Do your green conscience a favor and upgrade your mobile phone to 100% eSIM compatibility with the eSIM.me card.
In order for a mobile phone to be able to write eSIM profiles on an eSIM.me card, it needs an Android version from Android 7.
Since the sustainability aspect of the eSIM.me card is particularly important to us, we will always do everything we can to ensure that our solution also and above all works with smartphones that are as old as possible.

No more physical SIM cards

Every single SIM card is made from plastic and rare metals. These are both non-renewable raw materials that generate CO2 emissions in extraction and production and are difficult to recycle.
In the life of a cost-conscious person who regularly changes wireless service providers to get the best deal, there are quite a few SIM cards that come together. Every time you travel to another country where you buy a local SIM card in order to save roaming costs, this SIM card must have been produced beforehand.
The eSIM.me card must also be produced physically. However, it replaces all physical SIM cards that you will ever buy. And you already know that you can keep your existing smartphone… 😉
Please help us to replace this single-use SIM card system by purchasing the eSIM.me card and from then on only buying eSIM profiles – no more physical SIM cards.

eSIM-Technology reduces CO2-Emissions

A physical SIM card must be physically delivered. Either you go to a shop and buy the SIM card on site or it is sent to you. In both cases, someone has to cover a distance. Before that, however, the SIM card had come a long way: from the production site in the Far East to the warehouse of the cellular network operator. And before that, the raw materials used to produce the SIM card also made their way to the SIM card factory. CO2 emissions occur in all of these ways. We want and can change that together with you.
The eSIM technology and the associated complete digitalization of all of these processes reduce CO2 emissions to almost zero. Nothing is physically produced or transported.
Let your eSIM.me card be the last physical SIM data carrier that is being transported around the planet because of you and enter the eSIM age!

Travelling esim for android

We’ve all probably been annoyed by a high mobile phone bill abroad: Roaming can be really expensive – every minute you call or sent SMS costs a small fortune.
In the meantime, many travelers have adapted their usage behavior as digital natives or digital immigrants: With a local SIM card, data connectivity is provided for the usual messenger and other over-the-top applications, e.g. in the social media area, so that the The latest experiences can be shared with your own network and you don’t have to wait for the W-LAN in the hotel.
And this is where the new challenges begin.

Local SIM card on site

Many will know it: You longingly reach your holiday destination and first look for a mobile phone shop on site to purchase a local SIM card. The holiday starts with stress – you want to be everywhere: on the beach, at the pool, at the bar, right in the city and soak up the foreign atmosphere there or on the ski slopes – the main thing is not in the small mobile phone shop at the airport, where one is currently.
You may actually speak the national language, but the right vocabulary for pre-paid SIM cards with the desired data volume and the desired duration is somehow not that easy. And you don’t understand the seller as well as you would have expected. Or you only speak English yourself and the seller opposite does that only theoretically.
After a partly successful agreement, you convert the offer received into your own currency. Is that cheap now? Compared to what? How much do I actually pay per gigabyte at home? Should this actually be more expensive or cheaper?
That doesn’t matter now: I have no comparison anyway and it all takes far too long here! I finally want to go to the hotel and post a selfie by the pool.
Of course, the offer you receive is usually much cheaper than the alternative of roaming, but somehow the feeling remains that you could have saved even more money – tourists are always ripped off.
Now I replace the SIM cards and keep the home SIM card in a safe place so that it gets not lost or damaged. Fortunately, I thought of the eject pin (needle to open the SIM card slot) and can now start the fiddly work.
For the start of the vacation, it was all rather stressful and uncomfortable.

Well, it doesn’t matter, now I have it behind me and can begin with the transfiguration: it was actually an interesting experience…?

You can buy your eSIM.me here.


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