Deutsche Bahn opens fiber optic network for mobile operators

Berlin Deutsche Bahn is opening its fiber optic network along the routes for mobile phone companies. According to information from the German Press Agency, these can now use unused parts of the cable infrastructure to connect cell phone masts and to supply other regions with fast internet. You can also use the Deutsche Bahn space for this.


The conditions under which the railways open the network were initially unknown. The group founded its own company, DB broadband GmbH, for sales. Deutsche Bahn has an 18,500 km fiber optic network along the rails. This should be expanded significantly in the coming years.

The company has established DB Broadband, a subsidiary of DB Netz, to operate its own network. DB Broadband is the point of contact for telecommunications providers and mobile network operators.

Operators can also contact DB Broadband to use land owned by Deutsche Bahn to build network infrastructure such as mobile masts, or expand the 5G network, alongside rail tracks. The first projects have been implemented in a pilot phase this year.

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