China strengthens its position as the world’s leader in 5G technology

Huawei Expects 6G to Enter the Market around 2030

China continues to lead global growth in the next generation of telecommunications technology with the expansion of the country’s 5G network, according to the Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xiao Yaqing. China 5G technology

China has built more than one million 5G base stations, which is over 70% of the world market. The number of 5G users has exceeded 400 million, which is the largest user group in the world,” the official said, as quoted by Xinhua news agency.

Earlier, the ministry also said that China ranks first in the number of patents related to 5G communication technologies.According to the ministry’s forecast, the number of 5G subscribers in the country will exceed 560 million by 2023, or nearly 40% of the total number of mobile users in the country.

China’s leading mobile operators began providing fifth-generation communication services to their customers in October 2019. Throughout 2020, some 580,000 5G base stations were installed in the country, with the network covering all major cities. Beijing plans to install over 600,000 new stations by the end of the year.


200,000 700M 5G Base Stations Built throughout the Year china 5g technology

On September 6, Zeng Qingjun, deputy general manager of China Broadcasting Network Group Corporation Ltd, attended “New Start, New Future” 5G+ CBN New Application Summit Forum, offering a latest introduction of the 5G construction plans and relevant progress of CBN.

According to Zeng Qingjun, in the plan of co-building 480,000 700MHz base stations together with China Mobile, 200,000 base stations shall be built in 2021, with 280,000 more to be built in the next year. Besides, CBN is also responsible for the construction of the fiber-optic network connecting these base stations.

Moreover, CBN would also build 5G core network user exchange centers and control centers across the country. Counties, cities and provinces are all included in such plan. As stated by Zeng Qingjun, CBN would draft a plan for the deployment of optical cables across the country, including the construction of the core network, and facilitate the construction of 5G network through joint efforts.

While many countries around the globe are only starting to embrace 5G technology, Chinese tech giant Huawei recently announced plans to roll out its successor 6G network, which it aims to introduce to the market by 2030.

Huawei Expects 6G to Enter the Market around 2030

Earlier this month, Huawei published an email from CEO’s Office signed by its rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun. The email is a prologue to the book “The New Journey of 6G Wireless Communications”. In the article, Xu Zhijun predicts that 6G will enter the market around 2030. He believes that while Huawei continues to promote the commercialization of 5G, it has also started to invest in 6G research since 2017. China 5G technology

Xu Zhijun also said, Huawei is willing to discuss extensively with the industry, industries and enterprises that may need 6G in the future, look forward to 6G and define 6G together.

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