Botify Launches First Enterprise Organic Search Solution on Google Cloud Marketplace

Botify, the leading enterprise software company for performance-driven organic search, announced the expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud through the launch of SpeedWorkers on Google Cloud Marketplace. The expanded partnership makes it easy for Google Cloud customers to purchase the solution alongside their investment in Google Cloud.

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SpeedWorkers, part of the Botify Activation suite designed to automate the implementation of inefficient SEO tasks, addresses a major challenge of the modern web: seemingly infinite content limiting search engines’ capacity to crawl tens or hundreds of millions of pages on a given site, especially those rich in JavaScript. This means that, on average, 50% of an enterprise website goes undiscovered.

With SpeedWorkers, Botify delivers the most bot-friendly version of a website to search engines, allowing them to crawl significantly more of it, faster and more efficiently.  As a result, more pages become indexed and discoverable by users in organic search, generating significant gains in measurable traffic and revenue. This also helps bridge the gap between search marketers and web developers by allowing engineering teams, with increasingly finite resources, to spend less time on SEO tasks and instead, focus on creating an ideal user experience.

“The combined power of Botify and Google Cloud helps brands accelerate their e-commerce strategies and create optimal digital experiences for both users and search engine bots,” said Adrien Menard, Co-founder and CEO of Botify. “At a time when more robust privacy measures are limiting the effectiveness and ROI of traditional paid channels, the importance of first-party data and the role of organic search as a performance channel has never been more important. We strive to help brands transform their digital presence into powerful and efficient engines for traffic, sales, and sustainable revenue growth and this all starts with discoverability. Delivering our solution on Google Cloud is part of how we do this – ensuring an easy and seamless experience for customers.”

Since its founding in 2012, Botify has had a partnership with Google Cloud, leveraging BigQuery to store and analyze its customers’ critical search data. This data powers the foundation of its Analytics and Intelligence suites, which provide brands the insights to prioritize revenue-driving optimizations.


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