Berlin subway to get LTE by mid-2019

Photo credit: Pixabay

The Berlin subway will have LTE coverage by mid-2019, state economy senator Ramona Pop (Green) told the Berliner Morgenpost. “We are now supporting the expansion of the fast Internet,” said Pop.

The state government has agreed to help finance the project at the public transport company BVG.

A BVG spokesperson confirmed the plans for 4G coverage, but she did not commit to mid-2019. The construction work could be completed in the course of a year and would be carried out, if anyway craftsmen were working in the tunnels. During the installation, subways could not or only at walking pace, it said.

O2 Germany has already deployed LTE transmission equipment on two lines in the south of the city as a test of the system. The paper’s sources said O2 should get the contract for covering the rest of the lines, and the other operators could then share its infrastructure.

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