Things to do in Germany – German attractions

According to surveys, the top three reasons for tourists to come to Germany, are the German culture, outdoor activities and countryside, and the German cities. Things to do in Germany

Many of Germany’s castles and palaces are real hidden gems when it comes to unique holiday experiences.

Germany is full of wonderful culture that just wants to be discovered. There is something for everyone in Germany’s most diverse selection of towns and cities, and at Germany’s top museums or other cultural institutions. Let’s start!

Germany is a country of great cities strewn with dynamic architecture and bewitching scenery, peppered with charming half-timbered towns. Its capital, Berlin, is defined by innovation, eco-friendliness and natural beauty. Ascend the glass dome of Reichstag for sweeping views of the city. You’ll spot futuristic buildings like Bahn Tower sitting alongside war-surviving monuments like the iconic Brandenburg Gate – a centerpiece that now symbolizes the reunification of Germany after the infamous wall was knocked down. Explore this history-steeped city on foot, or hire a bike and enjoy the many cycling paths that run through pristine parks and along the River Spree. In the south, Munich is known for its distinctly Bavarian heritage. Head to Marienplatz to feel the pulse of the city. Here, lively beer gardens like Hofbräuhaus sit beneath imposing medieval architecture, serving traditional German lager and plates piled high with bratwurst.

Meanwhile, the likes of Hamburg and Cologne provide plenty more in the way of classical music, fine art and urban appeal. In between all this, you’ll find a vast, sprawling land of alpine terrain and ancient, mythical forests. Hike through hills and valleys in the legendary Black Forest, paddle past hillside castles in the Rhine, or find peace in a quiet town on the banks of Lake Constance.

More than 10,000 German towns and cities between the North Sea and the Alps are just waiting to be discovered. Each and every one of them has its own unique character and impresses visitors with unforgettable highlights.


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