AT&T offering free roaming to select customers for Women’s World Cup in France

If you're an AT&T customer who's lucky enough to be traveling to France for the Women's World Cup, then there's some exciting news for you today

AT&T is offering free roaming to customers who are traveling to France from June 7th through July 7th. This free roaming is available to customers on an Unlimited &More or Unlimited &More Premium rate plan. With this offer, those customers will get unlimited data, talk, and text while visiting France during that one-month period.

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If you’re eligible for this AT&T offer, you just need to enable cellular roaming when you arrive in France and the promo will be automatically added to your account. AT&T will then send you a text message with details on the offer and a confirmation text message when the promo has been added.

It can be frustrating to try and find a good wireless plan and manage your usage when you’re traveling abroad, so this free roaming offer should give AT&T customers traveling to France next month one less thing to worry about and help them to better enjoy their trip.

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