Armenia, Russia negotiate roaming prices cut

Armenia and Russia have strong cultural, economic, and political ties, which makes it important for people to stay connected when traveling between the two countries. Luckily, mobile network operators in both countries offer international roaming services, making it easy for people to stay connected with their friends, family, and colleagues. Armenia is negotiating with Russia for a reduction in roaming charges, reports citing Vaan Martirosyan, the Armenian Minister of Transport and ITC. An agreement on the issue is expected to be signed soon.

Mobile operator VivaCell-MTS has already agreed with its controlling company, Russian mobile operator MTS, to a mutual reduction in roaming rates.

Armenian mobile operator VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of Russian operator MTS, has reduced roaming prices in numerous states, also reports. Outgoing and incoming calls cost AMD 55 per minute under the ‘Calls To Armenia’ service in several states in Europe, as well as in Australia, Egypt and Israel.

Text messages cost AMD 35 each under the service and the mobile internet roaming charge is AMD 25 per megabyte. The prices will be valid until 30 September.

Armenia-Russia travel

The roaming prices for Armenia-Russia travel can vary depending on the mobile network operator and the specific roaming package that a customer selects. However, in general, roaming prices for calls, texts, and data usage tend to be higher when traveling internationally. Customers should carefully review the roaming package details and pricing before traveling to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

When traveling between Armenia and Russia, it is important to keep in mind that both countries have different time zones. Armenia is three hours ahead of Moscow time, which means that travelers should be mindful of the time difference when making travel plans or scheduling calls and meetings.

In addition to mobile network operators, there are also other options for staying connected while traveling between Armenia and Russia. For example, travelers can use internet cafes, purchase local SIM cards, or use messaging apps that work over Wi-Fi or mobile data to stay in touch with their contacts.

Overall, traveling between Armenia and Russia is made much easier with the availability of international roaming services from mobile network operators. By selecting the right roaming package, customers can stay connected and keep their costs down while traveling between the two countries.


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