Apple’s new iPhone 14 starts the eSIM wave; here’s everything you need to know

The recently released iPhone 14 will only support eSIM in the US, but global variations also include a traditional SIM slot, opening the road for widespread eSIM usage.

The iPhone 14 was recently unveiled by Apple, and the tech community is buzzing about one particular feature: eSIM. Apple will only offer eSIM-enabled iPhones in the US; however, overseas models will also include a conventional SIM slot. Other iPhone and iPad models will get more eSIM features from Apple. iphone 14 esim

What is the eSIM anyway? iphone 14 esim

SIM card slots have been present on phones and iPads for many years. The SIM slot is a nail-sized piece of hardware that connects to premade circuitry. Additionally, it serves as a carrier ID in the GSM cellular network.

An electronic SIM (eSIM) works similarly to a conventional SIM card and is a programmable identity module that is integrated into the phone’s circuitry. To support eSIM usage, network carriers must update their systems.

Are eSIMs better?

eSIMs offer greater convenience. Send a request to the carrier and enjoy network connectivity instead of having to take care of the actual SIM card, especially while switching between different devices. Another problem is having to open the SIM slot since you can never find the pin when you need it.


With an eSIM, are you carrier-locked? iphone 14 esim

This is wholly reliant on the network carrier’s policies. It wouldn’t be all that different if that were the case with eSIMs as well as phones are tied to the carrier in the US even when using SIM cards. However, that is not the situation in Europe and the rest of the world. Additionally, for greater flexibility, the iPhones in Europe would also include a real SIM slot.


How to activate eSIM?

Activation of eSIM is similar to a regular SIM card. SIM cards can also be ‘converted’ to an eSIM. The network providers will help in this regard.

Is Apple’s decision a reflection of the evolving smartphone market? Over the following few years, would other manufacturers follow suit? We think that the answer is yes: we are expecting a massive increase in eSIM usage.

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