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Amsterdam to place smart cameras on city canals

The municipality of Amsterdam is going to try to limit loud music and loitering students on the city’s canals by using cameras able to show images but also to listen and count, Het Financieele Dagblad reported. amsterdam smart cameras

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The camera will start filming when the recorded sound exceeds levels perceived as a nuisance by local residents. A law enforcer will then be sent to the spot where the nuisance is taking place.


Cameras in 10 of the busiest spots amsterdam smart cameras

The cameras will be placed in the ten busiest spots on the city’s canal system, such as the Anne Frank House and the Red Light District. The devices will also be able to count the number of boats passing by, and to measure their speed and direction. The project, called De Digitale Gracht, is part of Waternet, a control system that has been monitoring commercial shipping in Amsterdam for a long time.

Project leader John de Rouw noted that there will be no automatic fines. The images of people getting filmed will be blurred, and not saved. In this way, privacy will be guaranteed, Rouw said.

The smart cameras, developed by Improvement IT from Halfweg, have been used in Dubai to monitor tourists on jet skis, says Celestin Brouwer, the director of the company.


Reasons for cameras:

  • Safety: To monitor for accidents or criminal activity, like boats speeding or people falling in.
  • Water quality: To track pollution levels and identify sources of contamination.
  • Navigation: To monitor traffic flow and identify bottlenecks to improve canal usage.
  • Maintenance: To remotely inspect canal infrastructure for damage.

Reasons against cameras:

  • Privacy: Concerns about constant surveillance and potential misuse of data.
  • Effectiveness: Effectiveness in crime prevention or pollution monitoring might be limited.
  • Cost: The cost of installing, maintaining, and managing the camera system.
  • Aesthetics: Some might argue cameras would detract from the beauty of the canals.

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