AeroMobile partners with Ooredoo Kuwait for inflight roaming

Ooredoo Kuwait has expanded its mainstream roaming bundle, Ooredoo Passport, to now include AeroMobile’s inflight mobile phone service as an additional destination

Ooredoo Kuwait customers will now be able to surf the internet, check emails and stay social at the same cost as all other Passport destinations when flying on any airline and aircraft connected by AeroMobile’s network. AeroMobile inflight

AeroMobile inflight mobile services are available on 22 airlines worldwide including Kuwait Airways, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways in the Middle East.

To use AeroMobile’s services, passengers must have a mobile phone that is capable of international roaming. They can then connect to the AeroMobile network when they are onboard the aircraft. The service is available on a growing number of airlines, including Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Lufthansa.

There are some limitations to the service. For example, the service cannot be used during takeoff or landing, and there may be restrictions on the use of mobile phones during other phases of the flight. Additionally, passengers may be charged a premium for using the service, as it is typically more expensive to provide mobile services at high altitudes.

Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile, said: “I am extremely excited to sign this new roaming deal with one of the Middle East’s leading Operators. It underlines the continued growth and importance of inflight mobile connectivity to both airlines and mobile operators.”

Ooredoo Kuwait Spokesperson Mijbil Al-Ayoub, Corporate Communications Senior Director, said: “This innovative partnership with AeroMobile means we are the first mobile operator in Kuwait to offer customers unlimited data roaming while inflight, as part of our Passport roaming package.” 

Ooredoo Kuwait offers its customers several different roaming options, including:

  1. Prepaid roaming: This option allows prepaid customers to use their existing balance for roaming services. Customers can activate this service by dialing a specific number or sending an SMS.
  2. Postpaid roaming: This option allows postpaid customers to use their existing plan while roaming. Customers can activate this service by calling Ooredoo’s customer service or by visiting one of its stores.
  3. Roaming bundles: Ooredoo Kuwait offers several different roaming bundles that customers can purchase before they travel. These bundles provide customers with a specific amount of data, calls, and SMS messages for a set price.

Ooredoo Kuwait’s roaming services are available in more than 180 countries worldwide, and the company has partnerships with several international operators to provide seamless connectivity for its customers. Customers can check the roaming rates for different countries on Ooredoo Kuwait’s website or by calling its customer service. It is important to note that roaming rates can vary significantly depending on the country and the network that customers are using.


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