CMlink is offering roaming in China

CMLink is a new UK mobile network offering high-speed 4G coverage from the EE network. Set up by China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network in terms of subscribers, the CMLink UK network has some unique features for customers with a connection to China or Hong Kong.

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The benefits of CMLink include free phone calls to more than 900 million China Mobile customers in Mainland China (up to 1,000 minutes per month) and inclusive roaming at no extra cost when travelling to China and Hong Kong.

Most CMLink UK customers will purchase a Data Growth Pack bundle, where a £10 monthly top-up will give you 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB of internet. For each month you remain a CMLink customer, your data allowance will grow by a further 5%, up to a maximum of three times the original amount (so up to 9GB on the £10 Data Growth Pack).

Calling & Texting China

If you’re calling landlines in Mainland China or customers of a different mobile network (e.g. China Unicom or China Telecom), you’ll need to pay the standard 2p/minute rate for phone calls to China. It also costs 2p/minute to make phone calls to Hong Kong (+852) for both landline and mobile phone numbers.As a CMLink customer, you’ll get free phone calls to customers of China Mobile in Mainland China (+86).

With China Mobile being the world’s largest mobile network operator, this makes it possible for you to call more than 900 million people at no cost when using the CMLink UK mobile network. There’s a fair usage policy of 1,000 free minutes every month, after which you’ll need to pay the regular 2p/minute rate.


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