aegan airlines digital id

Aegean Airlines speeds up boarding with government digital ID

Countries around the world are adopting digital ID technology to streamline airline boarding, with examples including Australia’s trial of biometric boarding gates and the United Arab Emirates’ use of facial recognition technology. AEGEAN launched a new digital service to further speed up boarding procedures by utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the state digital platform gov.gr. “Digital ID”, the digital new service now available via the AEGEAN App, allows all passengers of AEGEAN and OLYMPIC Air domestic flights to add their digital ID on their Mobile Boarding Pass, upon check-in completion with few and simple steps. Aegan airlines digital id

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In order to authenticate the user’s ID, the “Digital ID” service is interconnected with Gov.gr Wallet and thus satisfying all safety and encryption standards.  The design and implementation of the AEGEAN “Digital ID” service were made possible due to the enhanced capabilities of gov.gr and was implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Governance.

Aegean airlines digital id

During the official launch of the new service by Kyriakos Pierakkakis, Minister of State and Digital Governance and Dimitris Gerogiannis, AEGEAN CEO, that was realized earlier today in Athens International Airport, Minister  Pierakkakis said: “ Today is a special day, not only because a new digital service is being launched, but because the Greek State inspired our leading airline, AEGEAN, to create this service, and this fills us with pride. Greece has excellent human resources in both the public and private sectors, highly trained and very innovative. A few days ago we celebrated the three-year anniversary of gov.gr and the huge growth in digital services and transactions. We would like to congratulate AEGEAN for this initiative and for cooperating in the implementation of a simple and easy-to-use service that will make the travel experience of millions of passengers even better. Greece is constantly accelerating, changing and presenting a new paradigm”.

On his end, Dimitris Gerogiannis, AEGEAN’s CEO said: «We are very pleased with this new digital service that we can offer to our passengers, thanks to the new digital possibilities provided to everyone by the gov.gr platform. An idea that was envisaged right after the announcement of the ability to store a digital version of the ID documents on smartphones by the Ministry of Digital Governance and was implemented, thanks to the excellent cooperation of a joint AEGEAN and the Ministry team. The integration of the digital ID in the boarding pass, in a fast and secure way, is part of a series of new services that we have developed in the last two years to accelerate the travel experience. We thank the team of the Ministry of Digital Governance for the excellent cooperation and the opportunity they gave to all of us, through the applications they have developed over the last few years, to make the boarding process even easier and faster, both for our passengers and for the ground services”. Aegean airlines digital id

About AEGEAN «Digital ID» Aegan airlines digital id

AEGEAN’s “Digital ID” service requires the installation of the Gov.gr Wallet application, through which it is possible to create digital ID documents, for any legal use within the Greek territory so far, and for the moment it is available exclusively for domestic flights of AEGEAN and OLYMPIC Air. The new digital service is expected to become available also for international network flights when the Greek Gov.gr Wallet acquires broad EU recognition.
AEGEAN’s app is available on iOS, Android, and Huawei devices and passengers are required to download the latest version (v6.5.5) in order to be able to use the service.

Digital IDs will be used for more than just boarding flights in the future: In addition to simplifying the boarding process, digital IDs may also be used for other airport and airline functions, such as security screening, baggage drop-off, and customs clearance. This could further reduce wait times and make air travel more efficient overall.



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