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Thales esim Google Cloud Cloud SIM

Thales Reinforces Its ESIM Management Leadership With Google Cloud Certified And Energy Efficient Services

Thales, the world leader in eSIM management, supports the growth of eSIM-enabled consumer and industrial devices with Google Cloud expertise. Thales esim Google Cloud 

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Thales’ pioneering Cloud solution combines its own security assets with Google’s cloud presence in 200 countries to provide enhanced security, flexibility, and service availability to MNOs.

Remote eSIM activation, anytime and anywhere

By 2025, the number of eSIM connections is estimated to reach close to 9 billion. Fuelled by 5G, the growth in connections is the result of increased connectivity of consumer products such as smartphones, tablets and wearables, and numerous industrial devices. With Thales’ eSIM management platform hosted on Google Cloud completed with Thales digital onboarding solutions, MNOs can offer their subscribers the speed, convenience and efficiency of activating subscriptions remotely. Today, Thales is able to meet high demands from hundreds of customers worldwide, including Telefonica, one of the world’s largest telco operators and mobile network providers.

The perfect response to MNOs’ digital transformation and exponential IoT growth

With easy and secure access to Thales services hosted on Google Cloud, mobile operators can respond immediately to surging demand for eSIM activation and offer their subscribers a fully digital experience. Such solutions also provide greater scalability as well as resource mutualization, enabling mobile operators efficiently and rapidly deploy new services. In terms of security, Thales keeps full control, by designing highly secure end-to-end hardware and software, as well as by storing and managing the secret codes in its secure vaults (secret codes are keys used by devices for eSIM activation to securely access mobile networks). This underpins world-class data privacy, a sovereign cloud approach and rigorous defence against cyberattacks.

Certified and sustainable Thales esim Google Cloud 

ESIM usage has become mission-critical to enable sustainable access to connectivity for the expanding consumer and industrial IoT. Thales’ integration of global GSMA-certified solutions protects MNOs against interruptions in any part of the world. MNOs, therefore, benefit from outstanding disaster recovery, business continuity and improved quality of services.

Google Cloud is today one of the most energy-efficient clouds in the industry and aims to operate entirely on carbon-free energy 24/7 and everywhere in the world by 2030. ​

“We have been trustfully partnering with Thales for years to address new connectivity challenges and MNO needs with cloud technology. This future-proof solution provides the market with the required flexibility, security, and resilience to meet consumers’ ‘anytime anywhere’ wish, while also addressing new technological requirements. Adding to Google Cloud services, the security aspect brought by Thales and its remote eSIM management leadership brings relevance and support to MNOs eSIM strategy.” said Amol Phadke, General manager, Global Telecom Industry at Google Cloud

“There is an increasing consumers’ adoption of eSIM-enabled phones, wearables and tablets while MNOs are ramping up for the 5G and IoT revolutions. Two years after the announcement of our partnership with Google Cloud, Thales’ pioneering Cloud eSIM solution has reached its full maturity. Our customers can trust us to support them in their eSIM strategy, meeting data privacy regulations as well as protecting them against the most sophisticated cyber threats” said Eva Rudin, Vice President of Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales. 

Thales’ pioneering Cloud eSIM solution, with its full maturity, is the perfect response to MNOs’ digital transformation and exponential IoT growth. With Thales’ expertise in eSIM management and Google Cloud’s global presence, MNOs can confidently offer their subscribers a fully digital experience with enhanced security, flexibility, and service availability.

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