6 Tips for First Time Visit to Greece

Key to visiting Greece is to prepare for the trip beforehand. Check out our tips.

Greece is one of those countries that you simply need to put on your bucket list. It’s a beautiful place to visit for a summer vacation if you enjoy water sports and endless pristine beaches. It’s also a country with a rich and long history that every tourist should explore and learn about since it’s the basis of western history as a whole. visit greece

As is the case with most summer trips, the key to visiting Greece is to prepare for the trip beforehand. That way you can make your stay comfortable and make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the visit.

You Don’t Need to Come at Peak Season

There’s a reason why the tourist season has its peak – it’s when the weather is best suited for a summer vacation and that’s when most tourists are used to visiting. However, there’s really no reason to cram your vacation into that time slot.

You can have a great time in Greece by visiting from May to September and sometimes even earlier than that. The tourist offer is also great during the winter if you’re not visiting because of the beaches and swimming.

Rent Your Own Car

There’s too much to do and see in Greece and you won’t be able to do it if you’re stuck to a schedule that you can’t control. The best way to explore the country is therefore in your own vehicle and by making stops whenever you feel like it.

In order to do so, you’ll need to get international drivers license for Greece. It’s a requirement if you plan to rent and it’s an easy document to obtain. The permit is issued based on your national license and there are no additional tests for it. It’s valid for a year and can be easily renewed online.

Try Island Hopping

Exploring Greek islands is a task that requires more than one visit, but try to see as much as you can during the time you have at your disposal. Island hopping is rather easy since ferry service is top-notch and works on a convenient schedule.

There are sailing tours that allow you to visit a few islands on a single trip even though this may not be a detailed enough stay for some visitors. There are plenty of guides online that can help you set up an itinerary so that it’s as broad as it can be.

Accept the Delays visit greece

Greeks aren’t known for being punctual and chances are nothing will be done on time or will open when it’s supposed to. It’s somewhat frustrating if you’re from a culture where this is important or are on a strict schedule.

However, there’s little that a tourist can do about it since it’s deeply rooted in local culture. The only thing to do is to accept that there will be delays and to make your plans accordingly. Always leave yourself a wiggle room of half an hour and you’ll do fine.

Pay a visit to a Local Market

Local markets are a big part of the local life, especially in small towns, but in the cities as well. Make sure you visit one that’s nearby the place you’re staying and you’ll get a sense of the local culture and ambiance.

It’s also a place to find great local and fresh produce if you plan on cooking yourself. Mediterranean cuisine is among the best in the world and one of the healthiest. Embrace it in Greece even when you’re always dining out. Try to eat where the locals do and chances are you won’t regret it.

visit greece

Don’t Overlook the Mainland

The islands get a lot of attention for their beauty and various activities you can try if you’re up for an active vacation, but visiting and exploring the mainland is equally important. The beaches in the western Peloponnese are always less crowded than those on the island and they are equally beautiful.

It’s also a place packed with ancient history and archeological treasures. For instance, it’s where the ancient Olympia used to be and it’s a site that you shouldn’t overlook. The mainland is an amazing place to visit if you’re a hiker and an outdoorsman since the mountains are perfect for such a trip.


Keep in mind that Greece is quite big and that it plays a huge role in European culture meaning that it can’t be explored in one visit. Take your time and come back as soon as you get the chance.


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