ka g roaming in Austria

4ka LTE roaming available in Austria

The fourth mobile operator in Slovakia, Swan Mobile, trading under the brand 4K, announced that it has begun to offer 4G roaming in Austria. More about  4ka LTE roaming find out below. 4ka LTE roaming
Other countries are to follow next year  4ka’s customers will be able to roam on the LTE networks of A1 and Hutchison Drei Austria.
“The pilots can use the fastest data in pilot operation in neighboring Austria as well. It’s not worth it, and nothing needs to be set on the phone, “the newcomer said.
“Making the fastest 4G data available outside of Slovakia is another logical step for 4k as a leader in data. This was a period of thorough testing to make the experience for our customers undisturbed, “said Patrik Kollaroci, Technical Director. 4ka LTE roaming


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4ka offers various roaming services to its customers, including:

  1. Voice roaming: This service allows you to make and receive calls while traveling outside Slovakia. The cost of voice roaming varies depending on the country you are visiting and the network operator you are connected to.
  2. Data roaming: This service allows you to use mobile data while traveling outside Slovakia. The cost of data roaming also varies depending on the country and network operator.
  3. SMS roaming: This service allows you to send and receive text messages while traveling outside Slovakia.
  4. Roaming bundles: 4ka offers various roaming bundles that provide discounted rates for voice, data, and SMS roaming. These bundles are usually valid for a limited period and can be activated before or during your trip.
  5. Roaming partners: 4ka has partnerships with various network operators in different countries to provide seamless roaming services to its customers.

It’s important to note that roaming services can be costly, and it’s recommended to check the rates and conditions of the services before traveling. You can visit 4ka’s website or contact their customer support for more information about their roaming services and rates.


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