3 Sweden still applies Roam Like Home in UK despite Brexit

The UK left the EU on 1 February 2020 and it is now up to the telephone operators themselves to price the cost of roaming in the country. Three choose to let all their customers continue to surf at no extra cost in the UK. Latest news about 3 Sweden roaming, find out below.

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The UK, Germany and Spain are the most visited destinations in Europe, showing roaming figures that include Tre’s customers.

The UK is an important country for us and our customers and therefore it feels natural to continue to let our customers have fun at no extra cost in the country. We also work closely with our sister operator Three UK, says Lovisa van der Schoot, press officer at Tre.

With Brexit, “Roam like at home” ceases to apply in the UK “Roam like at home” means that you as an EU citizen do not have to pay any extra fee to use your phone in another EU country. 3 sweden roaming

Three have been looking at figures from the past three years and the UK is consistently at the top. According to the government’s website, the United Kingdom is a much-appreciated tourist destination for Swedes and around 100,000 Swedes live more or less permanently in the country. It is also a very popular country for exchange students. The UK is also one of the most common business destinations as many Swedish companies are active in the country.

Three UK’s sister operator, Three UK is one of the UK’s leading mobile operators. The close collaboration with Three UK, combined with the fact that the UK is such a popular country to visit among Tre’s customers, both on the private and corporate side, makes it natural to continue to offer customers surfing at no extra cost in the UK.

The survey was conducted in countries outside the Nordic region. 3 sweden roaming

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