3 Denmark introduces 3LikeHome Pro

3 Denmark said it has brought out 3LikeHome Pro for corporate customers to reduce their voice call bills when making calls to or between 53 foreign countries.


It said 60 percent of Danes use their business phone to ring Europe every month, according to a survey that it commissioned from Userneeds.
“We know how big the need for international telephony is among business people, because more and more people cooperate with other countries. Therefore, we have made a new product for companies, where you can call beyond Denmark’s borders and between 53 countries without extra calculation, “says Sigurd Leth, Senior Vice President at 3.
Phoning abroad from Denmark costs between DKK 2.00 and DKK 12.80 per minute excluding VAT. Ringing Germany, for example, costs DKK 3.96 per minute; and if you have suppliers in China, then a call costs 8.60 DKK per minute excluding VAT.
3LikeHome Pro

But with the new subscriptions, 3Likehome pro, you can also call free of charge to a number of countries outside the EU – such as China, Thailand and the United States. There are 53 countries in total that you can call without extra charge, and you can use data when you are in the country.

“Our goal is to make telephony as simple as possible. Many may experience a barrier when they call or abroad because it may cost extra. We want mobile telephony to be something you’re thinking about, but just something you use, “explains Sigurd Leth.

3LikeHome Pro

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