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3 Denmark add Israel to their roaming offer

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3  adds Israel to the list of countries where its customers can use data, text messages, call and receive calls without risking returning to an extra bill. With the extension, the concept 3LikeHome now covers 64 countries, where it is possible to use their smartphone at the same prices as in Denmark.

We remove the roaming charge in Israel because it is a good service for our customers. When we expand 3LikeHome, it is always based on a consideration of where the need is greatest, and right now it is obvious to give the Danish music lovers in Tel Aviv the opportunity to share their experiences with friends at home, ”says David Elsass Director of 3’s retail market.


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Israel has in recent years become an attractive tourist destination, which among other things has the world record in the number of museums per inhabitant. In addition, the country boasts no fewer than 137 official beaches of just 273 km of coastline, where 3’s customers can choose whether to surf the waves or the web in the future.

“Our customers love to experience the world with the opportunities their smartphone gives them. We are only satisfied when it is possible to travel around the world without having to worry about where and how to use his phone, but for every extension to 3LikeHome we come one step closer to that ambition, ”says David Elsass.

In Israel, until today, it has cost DKK 14 per minute to call home to Denmark, DKK 2.5 to send a text message, and a megabyte has cost DKK 100. This is equivalent to the price of uploading one image in high Resolution on Instagram runs up to DKK 500. It is now past with 3LikeHome, which covers 99% of the countries the Danes primarily travel to.


About 3LikeHome

3 dropped as the first roaming charges in early 2014, when the telecommunications company launched 3LikeHome in six countries
3LikeHome now covers 64 countries including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, USA and the entire EU

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