what is esim

eSIM – Be Connected. Anywhere. Always.

An eSIM is a rewritable chip that is fixed directly to a device’s motherboard. What makes it revolutionary is its capacity to host multiple SIM profiles, removing the need to replace SIM cards every time you want to change your network carrier. what is esim

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Embedded SIM technology is becoming increasingly popular, with major players like Apple and Google throwing their weight behind it and releasing eSIM-enabled devices. Staying connected is about to become a lot easier.

Roaming charges – redefined

For any business with an overseas reach and the ambition to transcend the limitations of borders, extortionate roaming charges can be a real problem. Working abroad is now a must for many in the modern age, but the cost of connection can be prohibitive.

With embedded SIM chips in your devices, travelling will no longer pose this problem. As soon as an employee touches down in their new location, they can select a short-term plan from a service provider in that country. The process could take less than a minute; you’d be online in seconds and paying an affordable local rate.

In an era when global networking is an essential element for any major company, this will be a huge advantage.

Built for international business travellers what is esim

Connect your multinational business or offer flexibility to the frequent travellers in your office, with fixed monthly costs, real-time usage analytics, and peace of mind—wherever they roam. Or if you prefer – you can get a prepaid international SIM card.

Enterprise mobility solutions with comprehensive worldwide coverage in more than 100 countries.


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