Would you like to Stop Paying for What You’re Not Using?

Telecom Expense Management services can effectively identifying and retiring zero-usage devices and services in your company

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Useless spending is pretty often in telecom expense management services.

Zero-usage devices or services occurs when employees do not use a device or a service at all, but their employer still pays for it.

This situations happen when employees leave, transfer or relocate without cancelling their service. Organizations often don’t have the right tools, the man-power or the time to go over every bill. They then end up blindly paying bills without really knowing what they’re paying for.

Discovering zero-usage devices is a key element of TEM. In fact, a lot of benefits of a TEM solution touch on zero-usage or lead to it in some way:

  • Mobility automation finds zero-usage devices and eliminates or reallocates them by automating repetitive or manual tasks, reducing human intervention and human error.
  • Usage transparency shows you what you have and who is using it, making it easier to identify unused devices or services that are generating unnecessary expenses (and saving you money).
  • Cost transparency also helps avoid spending for devices or services when employees leave, for example, by making all your costs visible.

But most importantly, cost optimization is the key to finding and reallocating or eliminating zero-usage devices and services, as it is plays a crucial role in technology expense management as a whole. The optimization process involves centralization and visibility, IT cost evaluation, IT cost management, and IT cost cutting, among others, which all help greatly with zero-usage elimination.

If you feel that your telecom bill is poorly managed and that your costs are rising, Alertify  Telecom Expense Management solution will put you on the right track and give you the expense tracking reports to manage your phone plans and invoices efficiently.

Alertify reports reveal areas for potential savings on telecom services, and suggest optimization options for particular items. Users of various levels are provided with deep insight, reports, ad’hoc analytical services, spending statistic dashboards, and much more.

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