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Vipnet’s 5G Trials in Croatia Reach Speeds of 20 Gbps

After a strong investment in network development and the implementation of 5G, Croatian operator Vipnet held a demonstration of 5Gm using fully functional 5G mobile equipment for the first time.
The operator obtained a provisional license from the Croatian Networking Regulatory Agency (Hakom) for a year, testing 5G functionality in the live network in Jastrebarsko, followed by a strong investment in the development of the next-generation mobile networks and the implementation of the 5G transformation program.


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President of the HAKOM, Dražen Lučić, on Vipnet’s 5G frequency testing, said: “Mobile network operators in Croatia have so far been among the first to introduce modern technology solutions, so we are convinced that Croatia will be one of the countries in which 5G technology will soon be introduced. Vipnet proves once again that it belongs to operators who adapt their network timely to user requirements. “

The TDD transfer of mobile data testing will, in most cases, be used even after the implementation of 5G technology. The particularity of this kind of data transfer is that at 3500 MHz download and upload data run at the same frequency, and the spectrum is more efficiently used. This testing network has provided invaluable experience in understanding the propagation and transfer of mobile data we can expect with the arrival of 5G technology.

Commenting on the testing of one of the future 5G bandwidths and future advanced mobile data transfer techniques, Tomislav Makar, Director of Vipnet Technology, said: “The additional increase in mobile data transfer capability enables a greater number of simultaneous users and connected devices, with constant efforts to increase service quality. The introduction of 5G technology will bring a real revolution in user experience and the number of new functionalities that will be available: artificial intelligence in the move, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and mass-wireless connectivity of electronic devices, enabling the entire range of new business models and services. As a technology leader in the telecommunications industry, Vipnet is part of the HAKOM working group, through which it actively participates in creating the prerequisites for the introduction of 5G technology, and we expect that after the implementation of 5G, the Republic of Croatia will retain a high position in the EU when it comes to the quality of mobile networks.

During the demonstration, speeds of up to 20 Gbps were achieved in the live 5G

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